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The New Order Defines Extreme Poverty

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Extreme Poverty is the Substitute for CommunismIn Greece a disturbing new plan is being developed by the government that may affect everyone in western countries around the world.  In essence as capitalism deteriorates with closing of businesses and the loss of employment, lower and middle class individuals and families will fall into the category of poverty.

When the net income is less than 4,800 per year for the entire family that has no other means of subsistence, the government is setting the maximum amount of “guaranteed income by the state” not exceed 4,800 Euros.

250,000 households out of 10M people are to receive guaranteed income in 2015 as a test!

When the test if over will your country be next?  Is this what the G20 been planning?

The basic allowance is to be set at 230 Euros per person with a home where the home has an assessed value of less than 80,000 Euros.

This means that anyone who is living on the street either by themselves or with their family will receive a "beneficiary allowance" that will supposedly allow them only to eat.

Other assets that can exclude receiving a guaranteed income by the state are bank accounts of less than 9,600 Euros, investments, and automobiles with an engine capacity of over 1400cc’s.

As reported in the article, the guaranteed income is equal to 400 Euros according to the members of the family.  The "beneficiary allowance" is to be set at 230 Euros for the spouse with an additional 70 Euros for a child, another 50 Euros for the second child, another 50 Euros for an additional child, totaling 400 Euros.

Based on the current level of taxation on real estate, this means that most if not all lower and middle class will be forced to forfeit their homes because anyone at this level of income will not be able to pay their real estate taxes.

Reference - translated by google:

This will ensure the guaranteed income provided by the Memorandum - Who and why will be left out

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Αυτοί θα εξασφαλίσουν το εγγυημένο εισόδημα που προβλέπει το Μνημόνιο – Ποιοι και γιατί μένουν έκτος

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