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The IMF, the EU, and Greece are partners in crime

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Politicians lead corruption through legal means

The Greek government is becoming more frantic to accumulate the funds necessary to meet the upcoming loan deadlines once again extorts the business community.

Their latest method is that which was used by predecessors, to assess and collect without regard to auditing validation or standards.

After waiting to see what the position of the EU and/or the IMF would make regarding the 1,000,000 Euros per independent business entrepreneurs, no comments were made.
This signifies that the extortion methods of the past are once again in effect rather than the Greek Auditors doing the job of auditing businesses and that they have the blessings of the EU and the IMF committees.

In the past I too found myself being assessed by the Greek tax authorities during my years in business.  Their tactics are simply to assign an amount and then declare that the books of the business are labeled as being legal and in compliance as soon as you pay the tax.  If you disagree, then your company books undergo immaterial auditing means to produce an amount greater than the assessment amount while your business is disrupted.  The outcome is that you will pay because you have no other choice.

This has three effects, first it supports the fact that the government leads corruption, secondly it exonerates the wealthier business owners that maybe involved in corruption, and finally it may destroy businesses that are already on the brink of destruction.

If the current government continues to use these tactics, then it is obvious that the thieves at hand are not the Greek people but rather the Greek government who still has not convicted any politicians of crimes.

The Greek government should expropriate bank accounts and property from those that are vitiate.

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