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The General Archives of Greece and Greek Genealogy Research

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Greek Genealogy in Greece

Researching Greek Genealogy through the General Archives of Greece

I had the opportunity this past week to see an exhibition of the General Archives of Greece (GAK) that is celebrating their first 100 years.

The exhibition was at the Eugenides Foundation located on Sygrou Avenue in Athens Greece. The Eugenides Foundation houses the planetarium and a terrific library that has both English and Greek books, magazines, and more. It is one of the oldest and serious organizations that promote education in Greece.

If you are researching historical facts, the GAK has offices located throughout Greece. Their personnel are knowledgeable and friendly. I have found them to be very helpful when searching for historical ancestry of the Greeks.

The Greek archive records include lists, magazines, photographs, letters, and documents pertaining to individuals and companies. Some of them include letters from the family of the ex-king, and others are in various languages.

The information that one can find is limited to the area and the time periods due to war, earthquakes, etc. but it is very interesting and can provide a variety of ways to discover information about individuals from their school to work.

Using historical materials from the GAK in your search for Greek ancestry is especially helpful because many older documents maybe available through them whereas they may not be in the local Greek services.

Here are some photographs of the archive materials that I saw.

Photographs from the Greek archive records collection

Eugenides Foundation

General Archives of Greece

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