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The First National Hellenic American Genealogy Conference

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Greek Genealogy from New York City

On April 25th 2015, the first national Hellenic American Genealogy conference occurred at the Holy Trinity Cathedral Hall in New York City.

Dr. George D. Tselos, a Greek American from New York is a Supervisory Archivist and Head of Reference Services at the Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island.

They are creating the first Museum known as the Ellis Island Immigration Museum to inspire Greek Americans to save their family history and heritiage through Greek Genealogy.

Here is the video clip from the conference that Debbie Siderators Petrides shared:

Some of the speakers in the video were:

Professor Louis Katsos provided opening remarks and other introductions.

Kathy Boulukos, co founder of the Greek Museum, the center for Greek American Heritage, spoke about the preservation of the memories from the Greek Diaspora that came to the USA.

Anthony, another example of successful Greek Genealogy research has created his and his wife's family tree.

Despina Petrides a genealogist with a heritage from Chios.

Peter Moskos, author of Greek Americans Struggles and Success, provides a look into the life of those who immigrated to the United States.

George Georgopoulos, Council General of the Hellenic Republic


The Greek Museum - The Center for Greek American Heritatge

A listing of the passenger ships and their history and specifications from the 1800 and 1900.

The Ellis Island Immigration Museum, Part I: George D. Tselo

George Tselos: "Memories Guardian" on Ellis Island

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