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The abuse of Political Asylum

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Stop the abuse of political asylum

The abuse of these words has become the status quo.

It used to be that a minority group of people with the unique problem of personal freedom were assured their safety by escaping to another country.  Today not only are those people requesting it but illegal aliens and country leaders are using it as a loop hole to attain sanctuary from their countries.

The saddest thoughts about this, is that political asylum should not be abused by social or political groups because that will lead to the retraction of the status for those that do need it.

Case in point:
My mother became seriously ill while I was on a business trip.  I immediately went to the airlines and requested to be on the next plane back home.  The airline refused the request saying that many people use this as an excuse and therefore they must refuse any such requests.  Sadly my mother died without my presence.  Although the subject of this argument may differ, the idea is the same.
The abuse of any fundamental right is detrimental to its benefit.
How would you feel if you were in my situation?  Imagine if you were trapped in a foreign country and your embassy closed its doors.

Politicians escaping from a country where they have caused social upheaval should be accommodated only for a stay of a few days and should not be given the benefit of employment by any company or organization.  They should be deported to their country without consideration of the consequences that maybe taken by their citizens.

Governments using political asylum for illegal aliens to become political refugees should be penalized, and punished by governments for their exploitation of the circumstances that can lead to unfair labor and the radical selling of body parts.

Governments that harbor these politicians should be chastised for wrongdoings against societies of the world and their fellow country people.

One aspect of illegal aliens that I have not heard from any government official is that of a country chargeback for refugee intervention.

If other countries are forced to feed and house the citizens of another country, then why shouldn’t they be entitled to charge that country for those costs?

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