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Syriza the Experimental Clone of Pasok

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Syriza is Failing as a Political Party

Syriza is a Greek political party that was born out of the frustration of the Greek people in 2014 to make an extreme change to the consistent regimes of Pasok and New Democracy.  They won three elections with unprecedented results that showed the anger of the Greek people towards the other political parties.

The Greek economy was destroyed by the efforts of the previous regimes use of jobs for votes.  Problems included flawed government policies, cancerous corruption and graft, unproductive and costly public sector workers, and an inverse educational system that created a vicious circle forcing the people to pay what was the equivalent to taxation for everyday matters.

Syriza was and may still be viewed as a left wing communist threat by western partners although Italy was under a left wing communist government for many years even though most foreigners did not realize it.

So, what is Syriza doing today?
Since the last election in 2014, Syriza was supposed to negotiate more flexible economic conditions with the European partners but in reality not only has it failed to do so.  The terms that it now agrees to increase the risk of viability for the private sector and therefore the livelihood of the majority.

Yesterday Syriza announced that it will give salary increases of up to 25% to approximately 314,000 public sector workers which will cost an additional 107 million Euros in taxes to the amount that we are already paying while that amount could be used to reduce austerity measures or to benefit the general market.  Syriza is using a political tactic to guarantee jobs and therefore ensure their votes just as their opposition has in the past.

Most recently, Syriza is completing agreements with Germany, the “Capital of Europe by proxy”, that will sell off more of the Greece’s assets that was initiated during the reign of New Democracy and then blaming them.

The political party suffered more criticism this week due to penalizing a street vendor selling chestnuts.  The vendor has not paid for his license and during a check by police was stopped from earning about 30 Euros a day.  During the same period, Euclid Tsakalotos, the Greek finance Minister was quoted as “…we didn’t have time to go after the rich and create a sense of fairness” over unpaid taxes.

Syriza is failing as a political party because it never had a complete mission outlined and is creating the illusion that it is abiding by the wishes of the Greek people and has not accomplished priorities to avoid the lash back of major issues.

Syriza - The Coalition of the Radical Left

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