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Social Networking is a Misnomer

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Chit Chatting is Not Socializing!Some of you may have heard that the use of Facebook and other so-called social websites are on the decline.  The reasons include the recent news about the NSA spying and others but I believe another reason is that of the lessening of real communication between people.

We now have the ability to have face-to-face video discussions using voice via Skype or Google Talk (through Gmail), iChat a proprietary video and chat tool for the Mac much like Windows Live Messenger is for the PC (personal computer) and Empathy for Linux are communications programs included or available at no additional cost.  Even face-to-face video calls on Facebook are possible by installing some additional software.

Have You Talked – Chit Chatted With Your Children Today?
Probably what you most likely received as an answer from them was about three words in total through your Facebook page or via SMS on your cell phone.

This is not communication; it is the loss of passion and feeling between families.

Users that hate to write even using email not to mention paper, pens, and the postal “snail mail” services can use any of the above technologies using an Internet connection available almost anywhere to communicate with anyone around the world.

The increase in smart mobile phones technology not only provides the ability to talk as a mobile telephone or chat using SMS but it can also take advantage of some programs like those above using the Internet and (WiFi) a wireless Internet connection if a mobile subscription to the Internet is not available to avoid additional charges.

It is sad and disappointing that while technology progresses family relationships may actually be decreasing.

In contrast, communications between individuals and friends of long ago are actually increasing.

If you really believe that you have thousands of “real” friends, go ahead and ask them for help and see what happens.

Over the last few years I have come to realize that I have more friends from 30 years ago than the people or relatives that I know today.  Some of my friends have offered to help in many ways without asking for favors in return.

So if you want to have a real friend that you can trust, take the time to develop your relationship.

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