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Should family members of politicians be incarcerated?

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Greek politicians and an imperfect legal systemNews reporters following the information trail of the Greek ex-minister of defense Akis Tsochatzopoulos have uncovered numerous transactions that he used to attempt to cover his abuse of power.

Mr. Tsochatzopoulos has been arrested on charges of corruption from accepting bribes and for false declarations on his taxes.

From the trail of information, other arrest warrants included his accountant, his cousin, and two businessmen, while his wife and his daughter were also named as being involved in the transactions.  His spouse and daughter knowingly took part in the illegal use of funds to buy and sell homes and even the funding of a wedding in France, why are their names not included in the arrest warrants?

I put forth this question because I believe that there is a failure of morality by politicians and business people, and as a test of the legal system of any country.

How is corruption supposed to be curtailed when injustice is serving those who are supposed to represent the people?

I believe that family members of politicians and business people that participate in illegal acts should be put on trial.


Former Greek Minister of Defense Akis Tsochatzopoulos arrested at home

Former Pasok minister Tsochatzopoulos arrested

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