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Shaking the Corruption Tree

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Corrupt Bankers Begin to Tumble
Like the storyline from the “The Wolf of Wall Street” and it is about time that the people stop paying taxes for money that is being stolen by bankers and politicians.

While Greeks are living the nightmare of a crisis, they are seeing an organizational tree that is starting to depict the connections between political leaders and the golden boys.  The bankers have not only been consulting the government but hiding money by lending it as unsecured loans to others and even themselves.

Like a lineup of the "Most Wanted", bankers are finally starting to fall after the arms bribery scandal involving Greek businessman Panayiotis Efstathiou and Apostolos Kantas deputy head of procurements of the Greek Defense Ministry along with former chiefs of staff of the Greek Army and Navy.  Other banks connected by the bankers include the Proton Bank and Millennium Bank.  It is beginning to look like a “connect the dots game”.

The connections of the Hellenic PostBank also known as TT, PostCredit, and the bankers and Greek and Cypriot businessmen are also pointing towards leaders like Karamanlis and Papandreou.

The first response of any political leader is that every accusation is based upon dirty politics.

Many still await an answer as to why the political parties that were given loans in millions have not accounted for the money nor have they paid it back to the banks meaning that the Greek people are paying for this as stolen money through unfair taxation to mask the cloaking of embezzlement.

What this proves is that auditing in Greece is ineffective where lack of independence exists.

Imagine how cold-blooded and inhuman these people are that they can watch as poverty in Greece increases  and causes people to live without heating and other Greeks are forced migrate to other countries to find work to support their families that remain to live in dire conditions.  In the end, the news history will prove that the leaders are to blame and not the Greek people.

Hope that your nation’s leaders are not doing the same!

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