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Samaras Changes Corruption into Taxation

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Greek Economic Surplus Deflates
In an effort by the Greek government to beguile the Greek people again, Mr. Samaras and Mr. Stournaras issue reports to the news media that numerous tax frauds are being caught as a marketing ploy for the upcoming elections.

Greece announces that it has a one billion euro surplus!

Almost everyday we hear news reports about how many billions of taxpayer money has been stolen through corruption scandals, illicit unguaranteed loans, and kick backs, but the Finance Ministry has only managed to collect 100 million to date.

Troika courageously defends its lenders by insisting that Greek salaries must be lowered.  They are now claiming that the Greek retirement of 900 Euros is even more than the German of 800 Euros but what of the Greek salaries which were always lower than German salaries.  This is only a fraction of the problems within the European framework.

At the same time, Troika does nothing to spur the government to collect stolen monies.

The latest rash of government theft has been uncovered as NGO’s.  Millions if not billions have been literally given away by the government for unaudited projects.
According to Greek investigators, they do not even know to whom or how much was given for projects the majority of which were imaginery.  The Greek investigators announced that George Papandreou and Kostas Karamanlis are responsible for the creation of the organisation.

Greece’s tactics have changed. The Greek government changed the meaning of stealing from the people by changing the term to taxation.

A friend of mine was recently assessed three thousand euros as taxes by IKA the equivalent of social security in Greece.
He was lied to by an employee that insisted that he make a declaration that his home was completely finished in 2009 when in fact it was only finished in 2013.
As a result, instead of paying 600 Euros he is now forced to pay 3,000 Euros and told that he would be given the benefit of paying it on installments with interest over 3 years.
The fact that government employees lie to the people is nothing new and in this case it only proves one typical situation, increase funds to show positive results for the upcoming elections.

Reciprocation is not equal

When my friend retired from his job, he was issued his retirement pay one year after filing for the retirement.  He did not receive any interest on the amount for the year that he waited to receive his retirement, nor could he work because once a person files for retirement in Greece they are immediately required to submit their resignation.

Greek logic never dies
While Greece demands that people collect receipts to supposedly fight corruption the Finance Ministry motivates the people to throw the receipts away.  The reason for this is that they have eliminated any tax benefit to who else, the wage earners and those on retirement.  By doing so there is no reason for anyone to amass more than the 25 percent of receipts needed to file their tax returns.

While all this goes on, the news media presents a Greek football (soccer) team that celebrates buying a new player for 200 million Euros.

If there were any real justice in this country, the jails would not be large enough to hold all of those responsible and guilty.

There is no justice in Greece!

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