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Re-Industrializing America

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Bringing jobs back to countries
The Industrial Revolution of the early 1800’s were a booming era for America that spread to other countries producing what are today known as the leading western countries of the world.  During the grand idea of globalization, the lack of forethought destroyed the internal production of the USA giving it to other countries.

The people of the USA have started the second Industrial Revolution to prove that demand outweighs the idealism that globalization was so quick to breed.

I recently watch the PBS videos Commanding Heights on the ideas that lead to the world trade agreements to form free markets worldwide.  I found the videos provide the most accurate, interesting, and controversial facts that I have seen regarding the economic crisis, who you are really voting for on Election Day, what is happening worldwide, the mistakes of globalization, and what the politicians and other influences hope to achieve.

The only flaw that I found is that I have not seen the documentaries translated into multiple languages to help people from other nations understand the reality.

After watching the video, I can say that as far as Greece is concerned the video displays many of the factors that have already occurred and that are currently happening in Greece today including the explosion of Nazism and fascists that have spawned from political decisions or more likely incorrect decisions.  Interestingly Jeffrey Sachs who is in the videos will be in Greece tomorrow.

The imperfections and mistakes of globalization occur because the basis of the ideas were never spread globally before attempting implementation.

These are the ideas of western nations using economists to guide nations as to what is going to happen whether good or bad regarding the “free” world open markets is not the problem.  The real problem is when the president or prime minister elect takes the advice given to him or her by economists and then alter parameters to satisfy the one percent rather than the majority.

Some say that globalization is here to stay; I say that whether we like it or not we simply have to work with it or around it.

American Made - A Wave of Sewing Jobs as Orders Pile Up at U.S. Factories

The Public Broadcasting (PBS) has produced these videos for Commanding Heights that are educational and that should be watched by anyone that wants to better understand the world that they live in.

The storyline of the three videos that lead up to what has happened and what is happening in some countries today.

The three videos that are available:

  • The Battle of Ideas
  • The Agony of Reform
  • The New Rules of the Game

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