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President Christian Wulff of Germany must resign

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PIIGS of Europe, the G stands for Germany
During the economic crisis of the PIIGS of Europe, Germany has been the first country to criticize the countries for their role in corruption while they have enjoyed economic growth by using the same methods.

It is not the first time that evidence of corruption has been found and the players are international German companies offering both products and services globally.
Executives of Siemens, which I have written about in the past was found guilty of bribery in many countries and in different sectors.

A personal loan of about 500,000 euros with low interest from “a rich friend” and vacationing at the summer villas of other rich friends are what Mr. Christian Wulff considers “legal but morally illegal” while casting stones on the corrupt countries of Europe for the same offenses.

Mr. Christian Wulff is a discredit to the Germany people and is not fit to be an example of moral leadership.  This is another blatant example of inadequate leadership that reveals the weakness in the decision making of choosing the best individuals to guide countries and their people today.  Where are the human resource analysts when you need them?

I think that Mr. Christian Wulff, a Roman Catholic according to wikipedia, does not recall the Bible saying "If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone….", or “with great power comes great responsibility.”

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