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Philipp Hildebrand deserves the support of the people

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Basel rules may help reduce corruptionHere is a person that I have read about lately, and hope that he is sincere in his latest efforts to help restrain the banking industry.

In an effort to give credit where it is due, I think that this is a banker with the foresight to see that the banking industry is a major parameter in the role of the economic crisis and his ideas can help lasso an economy out of control.

Like many underdogs, you can always tell when someone stands out in the crowd.

They don’t have to wear anything unusual because it is the people around them that give them away.  The bankers have become a consortium over the years and now they possess not only large bonuses in addition to their salaries but they are a threat to the world markets.
In the case of Philipp Hildebrand, the bankers are now hoping that Mr. Hildebrand will royally flop while creating measures to insure that the Swiss Franc remains safe so that they can be rid of him or they may have to find other ways of having him removed from his position because of the threat that he has become to their financial lifestyle.

According to the Swiss newspaper Der Sonntag, an unnamed high-ranking banker was quoted as saying “He’ll never find another job in Switzerland” referring to Mr. Hildebrand in 2010.

While I have completed several consulting projects for different banks, I consider my opinion to be objective based on my knowledge of the banking industry.

In view of my own opinions about the banking sector, I think that Mr. Philipp Hildebrand, President of the Swiss central bank, deserves the support of the people.

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