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NGO or MKO it is Only Money Stupid

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Audit Non-Governmental Organizations NGO or MKOEver wonder what happens to the millions that are shoveled into Non Governmental Organizations that are supposed to be used for charitable causes such as the migrant refugees or other relief funds?

There are as many relief funds as there are governments willing to throw your tax money into the air without blinking an eye.

On the island of Mytilini also known as Lesvos, numerous Non-Governmental Organizations have display themselves as being there to help the immigrants while doing nothing more than having million euro coffee breaks.

While you may think that these are Greek established concerns the majority are from other European countries.  Greece is not alone when it comes to corruption.

Corruption begins wherever the distribution of money is unchecked.

The majority of NGO’s or as they are called in Greece MKO’s is the worse legally authorized scams comparable to receiving Nigerian emails requesting your bank account.

Why are there no set rules for operational costs? The minimum amount of the money that they receive that should be spent on the actually helping the migrant refugees or any other relief cause should be ninety (90) percent.

The NGO’s that are part of the problem will most likely have eighty to ninety (80 to 90) percent of their funds allocated to their wages with ten (10) percent remaining for the cause.

There must be a method to judge the value of what the goal of the organization is and what is actually being spent toward that goal.

I would recommend setting parameters by percentage to maximize its goal for wages and operating expenses versus expenses for the actual relief cause.

Penalties for failure or the improper use of funds must also be stated.

The Greek Version of NGO is known as MKO or Μη Κυβερνητική Οργάνωση.

It began under the guise of an international relief fund and the majorities that are started in Greece do so through strong political connections to share the profits of corruption.

They are quotes within the context that display how badly organized the entire framework of the NGO is such as “every international organization which is not supported by an international agreement” and that the role of the NGO is governed by “large groups”.

NGO's and MKO's should be investigated and audited for compliance.


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