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A Nation Taxes Its Unemployed and Children

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Greek Unemployment Taxation

Isn’t your government taxing unemployed yet?  Why not? Aren’t they breathing the air, using the water, roads, and services of the country?  Apparently the Greek government in all its wisdom is now taxing the unemployed based on a minimum living expense of 3,000 Euros as income.

Yes, the same unemployed who receive unemployment for a limited time period are now required to pay taxes simply for living based on the concept of virtual income.

But wait, the Freakonomics doesn’t stop there.  Thinking about having children?
The new world order will require that you pay taxes for children.  Why, because children require governments to build schools, hire teachers, and provide health care for the young.

In previous years, a tax exemption existed but now that the Greek government is attempting to tax everything, they have decided on the abolition of tax exemptions for children.  This means additional taxes on parents and effectively says that the Greek government wants to abolish Greeks by making this legislation.

If your imagination is like mine then you will wonder what’s next.  Taxation on sex, going to the toilet, sneezing, talking, the dead, who knows.

In addition to being unemployed and taxed, the Greek government now demands that the unemployed provide receipts totaling 750 Euros otherwise they will be penalized 10% for failure to submit the receipts.

The sad reality of life in Greece for the unemployed is like squeezing blood out of a rock to fix the deficit of the country.


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