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A Lesson from Immigrants and Ellis for Germany

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Failure of the German RepublicMrs. Merkel displayed her superiority and invited thousands of immigrants from poverty stricken and war torn countries through Europe into Germany.

Now she doesn’t know what to do except to threaten southern European countries with cancelling the Schengen and asking them to pay for her mistake.

In an effort to replace the aging workforce, the German Republic has proven its inability to organize and provide the necessary resources to house, feed, and train, the new immigrants and to show and teach them why they should want to become Europeans.

Today the newscasts show that Germany has abandoned the immigrants on their own leading to rape, theft, and general disorder since the immigrants do not know what else to do.

Here is a lesson from 1892 in the USA that German leaders might want to see.

From January 1st, 1892 and closed in 1954. Immigrants that were accepted into the USA were given a $10.00 gold piece from officials upon their arrival to begin their new life.

People of different cultures and religions trekked across the Atlantic for 2 weeks to reach the new land of opportunity and only those who failed the minimal requirements set forth by the government were sent back.

The organization of the island had to cope with the following during a time period that did not have automatic washing machines, modern cooking facilities, or even the latest in medical care.

A small sample of the resources during the early 1900's of Ellis Island:

  • 750 beds in the Ellis Island Hospital
  • Laundry had over 3000 pieces washed and sanitized daily
  • Wards for the immigrants with infectious and contagious disease
  • Kitchens that fed thousands, not to mention the food
  • Staff housing for the personnel to live on the island
  • A court room for immigrants who were criminals
  • Autopsy room for the dead and a cemetery for those buried, and
  • The staff that recorded the history that provides the ancestry for many Europeans today.

Here is a glimpse of the moving experience of one immigrant.


Author JR, Story narrated by Robert de Niro

Greek subtitles translation by Dias Olymbios

The story of a man who left nothing to find something that would give him hope.

After watching this, is it any wonder why the people of Greece already economically stressed to the point where 3 out of 10 cannot afford to heat their apartments of water for bathing while at the same time they have accepted the humanistic role forced upon them by inept leaders.

It’s time that European leaders start taking responsibility seriously.


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