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Leaders of Bad Behavior Breed Corruption

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Leaders in Greece enjoy decades of corruption It is incredible to think that people who make more money than the majority of the world are more inclined to steal but the facts are more revealing today due to the advancement of technology that increases awareness of the media.

In the Greek Sunday newspapers TO BHMA of July 6th 2014, there is an article on page A30 that explains how the disorganization of the legal system in Greece promotes delays, inobjectivity, and the queue of untried cases.  This is happening even though the number of lawyers in Greece places the country in second place after Luxemburg.

It includes a comparison of EU countries that provides a reader with a glimpse of intentional inefficiencies that force people into despair and dislike of both a government colligated with the legal system.

Can you imagine Bill Gates being arrested on charges of embezzlement?
As one of the richest persons in the world today, it would probably cause a revolution world-wide if that were true.

There are those who are guilty and they are not being punished with the equivalent that a poorer person would be.

Will justice continue to display tainted signs of bias that will ultimately bring chaos to society?

CEO’s, Politicians, and judges are toxic when combined and are now being targeted as they should be for scandals of bribery, insider trading of information, money laundering, and whatever financial or white collar crimes that they commit.

In the same article mentioned above on page A31, the banks in Greece also coordinate their bad loan business dealings to align them with the government and the legal system that is in effect collusion.

The Greek banks request that the government not move forward on the vote over a law since March 2013 for the collection of over 500 million Euros in penalties for bad loans so that they can use the money to their advantage.  Doing this prevents the government from collecting overdue taxes and other fines and penalties but would take this money from the bank accounts thereby reducing funds that banks profits.

The EU is now studying the legal systems of many EU countries to attempt to bring them into alignment.  This of course is happening only because they are being delayed by countries diliquent in prosecuting cases that in their own interest otherwise they would simply expedite everything in the usual manner of the EU, without priority.


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