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Is Transcendence the Ultimate Search Machine?

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Science Fiction and Immortality
Transcendence is a perspective into the possibility of immortality through digitization.

Dr. Will Caster played by Jonny Depp develops a method of digitizing the mind of a person to produce a technological omniscient sentient version of himself.

Another story that comes to mind is “Colossus the Forbin Project”.  This story produced in 1970 instills the idea that machines will rule mankind.

As with many sci-fi movies and TV shows, the end result is like that of the classic Frankenstein, man-made terror supersedes the unanticipated.

Max Headroom, played by Matt Frewer, is a British-produced American satirical science fiction television show produced in 1985.  The story line is about a reporter, Edison Carter, that dies and transcends into a digitized form ending up cruising the wave lengths of power lines through to television.

At the time of his death he encountered a road barrier with a sign above stating “MAX HEADROOM 2.3M” that is the only thing that he can remember in his digital form and that becomes his new identity as a television character.

Today we hear about the machines that Google and Bing use to accumulate gazillions of bytes of data that seamlessly help find what you are looking for but at the sametime feed the corporate machine to learn everything about you.

But what about character or conscience?
Will computers transcend the abilities of the human brain?

Stay tuned to this channel as you pass through the Twilight Zone of life.

Colossus the Forbin Project

Original British Edition - Max Headroom: 20 Minutes Into The Future

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