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Historical Greek Genealogy Records Destroyed

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Greek Politicians Destroy Genealogy Records in Mytilini Greece
When we think of a painting by Picasso or Rembrandt or another famous painter, we think of their monetary value more than their historical value but in essence the two characteristics are entwined and that is what makes them more precious.

What can be said of historical records from Greece whether they are from the times of antiquity of Sophocles or whether they are a part of your Greek ancestry centenary?

The loss of any historical record from Greece or anywhere is a terrible loss of value to anyone, not only those interested in history, and especially that which records your family history.

A fire at one of the Greek archives of the city of Mantamados, Mytilini in 2011 lost years of family records of Greek lineage.  This is just one example that the failure of leadership in Greece displays as a result of their abuse of public funds that brought on the Greek economic crisis instead of taking measures to protect the archives.

How much value does Greek heritage have compared to creating and installing a fire prevention plan or placing them in safe dry storage areas is incomprehensible for Greek politicians.  I have seen documents dating back to the 1700’s that are unprotected and left to decay into disintegration or be destroyed by humidity or rodents.

It’s a wonder that any Greek family documents survive when one sees the ravaging ways and environment that they are stored.

One can only hope that the years to come will prove to be more productive for the record keeping in Greece.  The technology is here to prevent disasters like the above from happening; it is simply a matter of applying them.

Greek families from Mantamados loose generations of genealogy

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