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Greek Taxation Increases Air Pollution

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Greek authorities prefer air pollution
As if things weren’t bad enough, Athens always had a smog or “nefos” problem with the number of cars on the road.  Now because the government is squeezing every Euro out of the taxpayers, even by illegally using double taxation on heating oil, the people have no recourse but to burn wood and wood pellets to keep warm in the winter.

While the price of oil has actually gone down, the office of taxation decided to add 23 percent to the already taxed petroleum heating oil bringing it to about 1.30 Euro per liter.  At the same time that they are telling businesses to change their profiting strategies to reduce prices of goods and services, the government sets an example to the contrary.

You might not see it during the daytime but the “fog” and smell of what appears to be poor quality wood or pellets is clearly obvious during the sunset and at night along roadways with better lighting.  It looks like a veil hovering on top of the city in Athens but is also present in the other largely populated cities.

A report on SKAI news said that the pollution levels were about 30% higher than the acceptable rate and that the air contamination may cause breathing problems and other respiration diseases.

The ridiculous Ministry of Environment has suggested that everyone change their heating systems to Gas while the number of people living on the streets increases daily because the government is literally taxing them out of their homes.

The ambition of the government to normalize Greece by using a “fast track” is not increasing investments but capitalizing the Greek government by siphoning money from the people to cover over 30 years of theft by previous governments.

Where are the members of the European Union committees that should be regulating taxation and the environment?
There are none!

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