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Greek Tax Blitzkrieg Strikes Again

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Corruption will impress the invasion of personal privacy
Fear in the hearts of the Greek politicians has started a tax blitzkrieg promise to cross check everyday expenses against the declared income of the people.

What promotes the fear of the Greek politicians is their desire to keep public employees that voted for them working while ignoring the economic danger of causing their own expulsion from the Euro.

With the new battery of armaments including cross checking:
Water bills to determine if home owners have not declared swimming pools
Electricity bills of rental apartments for undeclared income
Telephone, cell phone, and Internet connections against declared income

September will be a climax as the tax barons are already sending real estate taxes included in the electric bills but worse than that are the reductions in salaries and retirement pay that have already been applied more than once, and the reduction in benefits to those with disabilities.

The latest confrontations are happening on the Greek islands where the battle between entrepreneurs and the tax authorities have now called in the riot police to assist in the arrests of business owners that reportedly did not issue receipts for goods and services.

While Troika implements the use of electronic auditing on the general population, I have not seen any measures taken that will cross check the savings and assets of anyone that has over 500,000 Euros in the bank against declared income.

Why would I choose that figure? I know a number of individuals that have worked hard and saved during their lifetime, and have managed to buy one home with the possibility of inheriting at least another, and the average amount of money in their bank accounts has not exceeded five hundred thousand Euros.  I consider these to be the middle class of Greece.

Apparently, civil or public workers are being discovered having in excess of that amount of money in the bank due to various scams such as:
One employee was collecting his deceased mother’s retirement for 19 years illegally
Another employee was collecting retirement pay while working
Other employees were involved in the blindness scandal while working, and I am sure that the new stories will keep coming and continue to shock everyone.
Therefore, I believe that anyone who either has more than that sum of money in all bank accounts in Greece or who have more than four properties should be audited.

I am confident that if the cross-check is performed on local and government politicians of the last 30 years using Greek banks alone, that a flood of money will appear that could save Greece if this is imposed on them.

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