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Greek Politicians Disclose 2012 Income

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Greek Politicians are Disgraceful

Yesterday the πόθεν έσχες, prounounced pothen esches, which means net worth of the assets of Greek politicians was disclosed here on the news.

According the news in Greece, the incomes and net worth for the year ending 2012 of Greek politicians was disclosed causing uproar again.   The audit did not disclose how the assets were acquired as many of the politicians have businesses to supplement their income while others do not.

Antonis Samaras reported the amount of 99,854 Euros as income and 6 properties, as Prime Minister, and the leader of his party, New Democracy.

George Papandreou reportedly increased by 180,000 Euros.
I wonder if they investigated how he paid the rent of the apartment in New York as other newspapers reported that he was earning 30,000 USD from speeches at universities.
Maybe the IRS should have a look at some of these people too.

Evangelos Venizelos reported the amount of 94,309 Euros as income and 11 properties along with 27 bank accounts in Euros, US Dollars, and British Pounds, as the leader of his party, Pasok.

Alexis Tsipras reported the amount of 72,330 Euros as income and 1 property as the leader of his party, Syriza.

Panos Kammenos reported the amount of 86,088 Euros as income and 2 properties, as the leader of his party, Independent Greeks.

Nikos Michaloliakos reported the amount of 86,088 Euros as income and an interest in multiple properties, and as the leader of his party, Golden Dawn.

Fotis Kouvelis reported the amount of 88,735 Euros as his income and 15 properties, as a leader of his party, Dimar.

Aleka Papariga, KKE, reported the amount of 70,612 Euros as income she once declared that she only had 50 Euros in the bank has 32 cents Euros, while her 2 sons attend college in the USA.

Another has 56 homes, and another bought an apartment in London for over 1 million Euros.

Meanwhile, a family with 5 children in drapetsona has no electricity and no heat, along with a few thousand other families.

The average salary in Greece in 2012 dropped to 500 Euros per month according to the government but the reality is that the majority of the people are not being paid even that.

Life is wonderful in Greece in 2013!

Translation of the news story from Greece by Google
The title of the story translated by Google is completely wrong so I will title this story as The Greatest Political Partying in Europe!

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