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Greek Gun Laws Fail Child

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Inconsistency of European Gun LawsDuring the years that I have lived in Greece I learned that there are many traditions, so of which were good and others bad.  One of them includes the firing of shotguns at celebrations such as marriage.

Maybe back in the old days this tradition was spectacular and held a fantasy of creating a closeness or bond of the people involved but today it is looked upon as a civil threat.  Many people know that this custom was more common on the island of Crete but many do not know that it happens elsewhere in Greece.

The Greek law on weapons is supposedly very restrictive.  Most weapons sold in Greece are shot guns because the Greek government does not want what they call single bullet weapons being available to the general public.  This does not mean that single bullet weapons or even machine guns are not legally available because the police and specifically licensed citizens carry them.

Gun control, sales, and usage in Greece
Over the years, numerous killings have taken place in Greece, maybe not at the same levels if one likes the use of numbers and statistics as in other countries, but that does not give any killer or killing an exemption.

Now with the economic crisis, the crime rate is soaring, ranging from breaking into homes of the elderly to small groups raiding businesses and stealing safes to break into them offsite somewhere else.  These criminals have guns ranging from pistols to AK-47's.

The effectiveness of the police has been reduced by the cutbacks of the government to the point where police officers have to buy their own bullets.  I have experienced break ins twice at our home and in both cases the police arrived after 40 minutes.

So who does gun control favor in Greece?  The criminals, they buy their weapons illegally and fire them whenever and wherever they please.

A ten (10) year old child was killed while at school in Menidi, Athens the other day, he was in the school yard when a bullet struck him in the head.  Apparently the bullet came from a weapon being shot into the air by someone nearby.

As usual, the government moved forward on the issue after it hit the news sending police to search house to house for the culprit and the weapon.

Gun laws vary from country to country in Europe which reflects the inconsistency of European laws.

Today, the people of Menidi, and other areas, live in fear and who see their area as a threat are now taking the law into their own hands because they fear for their children as well as their own lives.

One has to question the validity of gun laws especially when the threat of violence and outlaws increases.

Stray bullet kills 11-year-old boy during celebrations to end school year in West Athens

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