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Greek Government Clientelism and Unions

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Strong Arm Muscling the Greek Government
The government of Greece gave equality to unions and leftists years ago.  It began when the communist party became the deciding factor after the inability of the two major political parties to establish a winning government and continues today with unions and leftists forming conglutinations that eventually mutated into the Clientelism.

DEH, the Greek Power Company or PPC is demanding a 49% increase for electrical power charges and to pay for its incompetence and inept leadership.  Unions and the Public sector employees are a major problem in the abolishment of corruption and growth in Greece.

It appears that they are asking for the increase because the economic history of the company wants to charge the people for their failure to collect their own debts from companies similarly the way that Troika has effected proposals with the Greek government.

The outcome of agreeing to an increase will undoubtedly have a negative economic impact on the market at a time when Greek citizens have reduced the purchase of heating oil and are using electrical heating methods as a means to control their own budgets.

The president and union representatives of the power company are exploiting the Greek people by demanding the new increases to cover 1.2 Billion Euros of their losses are nothing more than hoodlums effectively performing governance of the country.

While I am not a fan of paying taxes to save a country destroyed by politicians, the so-called “haratsi” or special tax that was levied to be paid through the electric bill payment method is unsettled again after going back and forth with regards as to who should collect the taxes due is simply another method of political sabotage by the electric company.

The power company is a syndicate in the photovoltaic solar energy field and anyone who wants to invest in solar energy must subsidize it for the company but must sell the energy output directly to them for a discount on the rate against what they will pay for electrical consumption.

The power company is monopolizing the energy field by eliminating competition through bureaucratic measures that terrorize alternate energy companies and the like.

If the current coalition government of Samaras, Venizelos, and Kouvelis do not excise control over DEH and public employees as a government then they might as well put a sign on the front of the government building stating “Closed Out of Business!”

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