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Greek Government Circus in Town

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Greece delays discharge of public employeesHurry, hurry, hurry, step right up and see the clowns.  The greatest show on earth is free for everyone to see at the parliament of Greece.  Come and see the politicians of Greece perform amazing feats to avoid making real decisions.

Yes, you can watch words sputtering from their mouths while the country continues in a downward spiral but at the same time they provide assurances that the government finances are improving.

I don’t know how long it has been now that I have heard on the Greek televised news casts about the lists from Mrs. Christine Laguarde among the other dozen or so lists of Greeks who have more than an estimated 50 billion in banks outside of Greece but I do know that more people are turning off the news channels.  I will even bet that Mrs. Laguarde probably has nightmares since she released the list to Greece.

Since the first list made the news back in 2009, no one has been prosecuted of tax evasion nor has any amount been collected from tax evaders.

Increasing taxes while justice continues to ignore or fails to act upon those that have already committed crimes either morally or financially against both the Greek government and the Greek people is destroying the economy.  It is estimated that 25 percent have removed and submitted the license plates on their cars to tax offices in protest thereby reducing taxes that the government thought it would collect.

The latest arguments have been between Mr. Venizelos of Pasok and Mr. Tsipras of Syriza.  Accusations include the fact that Mr. Venizelos gave a 60 percent discount to land and property owners when the majority of the people were assessed with new taxes.

The result is the degradation of society increasing violence against politicians and increasing racial violence.  Is this the predecessor to a revolution?  I have never studied political science so this is not my area of knowledge.

The political charade continued in the parliament this week with a website (not mine, I’m not that good at graphics) showing a circus advertisement.  The Laguard list is being used as a method of not prosecuting politicians for their criminal acts and at the same time deterring the discharging public employees that would alleviate a large economic burden of the country.  Instead threats of new cuts to the wage earners and retirees are once again being considered to save the votes of the politicians.

It looks like it will be up to the IMF and the EU will have to enforce what the Greek people need but the leftists will be there to fight off the outside intervention by claiming interference by the capitalists.

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