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Greek Family Members Losing Treasures from Inheritance

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The economic crisis in Greece brings forgotten and unused treasure billion that could fill the state coffers yielding approximately 13 billion.  This will be available to the government once they sign a new law giving them the right to exploit orphaned inheritances comprising unclaimed assets and cash in bank accounts.

The new law called the National Endowments could contribute money to the state coffers based on an outdated 1939 bill that keeps them unexploited.
The government process for each vacant heritage hopelessly delayed sometimes surpassing 15 years.

Orphaned real estate, bank deposits, stocks, and bonds

The public welfare properties are approximately 15,000 cases and each year adds about 70 new cases.  It includes valuable property, bank deposits, stocks and bonds from people who are deceased and that have never been claimed by heirs and cases of legacies that have been abandoned.

The "vacant inheritances" or forgotten inheritances alone relate to estates that have no heirs are estimated at 3,000, with their value is approximately 4 billion Euros; according to estimates 12,000 endowments could yield long-term financial benefit of approximately 3 billion annually by the Greek government.

Inactive deposits are estimated to be more than 3 billion Euros, with the system deposits, stocks and bonds not sought for twenty years, automatically placing the State.

The special committee for study and preparation of the new bill and code, National Endowments and Redevelopment of Vacant Inheritance provisions proposals include:

  • The complete recording of all legacies and detailed mapping of mobile and real estate
  • New Code institutionalized legacies, modifying radically the Law 2039/1939.
  • We take the specific characteristics of specific legacies, particularly in view of what the character and mission of the actors with whom connected
  • Changes within the management and supervision of national legacies
  • Full transparency of the organization and operation of all types of bequests and forwarded arrangements not amend particularly aggravating for bequests graders tax system

For anyone who has Greek heritage, now is the time to act before losing your rights or facing a tremendous battle in Greek bureaucracy to regain those rights.

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The source for the information from above: news247 February 04 2013 13:32

Ξεχασμένος θησαυρός 13 δισ. ευρώ στα συρτάρια του Δημοσίου

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