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Greek Beggars Can Be Choosy

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Greek Diaspora Investors Still Do Not Understand Greece
Greece’s financial crisis is far from over and while Greece calls for help from investors whether those investors are Diaspora or not, the objective of the Greek government is undefined and is an everyday example of the reality of life in Greece.

While reading the Kathimerini Sunday Economic section of the newspaper, I came across this article that was placed on the back of the last page of the paper regarding a meeting that took place in 2010.  Odd that it is now being published!

The title of the article translated from Greek is “We are not interested in investments of 50 Million”, Kathimerini October 13, 2013.
That is the unacceptable and incredibly stupid attitude and mentality the Greek government has chosen as its strategy.  Of course, if you think about it, the politicians of Greece are not interested in the people of Greece but prefer to keep their political standing by looking for funding that will not be scrutinized by investors so that they can manipulate the funds the way that they have been doing all along.

Does anyone wonder why the majority of the Greek people are so angry?
Why shouldn’t they be when they are being squeezed of their life savings and while their property values have dropped more than 50 percent, and is now being subject to confiscation, not for those who are committing fraud but by those who have not?

Isn’t it time that the Greek Diaspora wake up and see that the only way Greece will change is by applying financial pressure, and this is the time, to force change upon Greek politicians?

Instead the article deliberates that the infamous George Papandreou drags the Archbishop and the Greek ministers, Demetris Droutsas, Pavlos Geroulanos, and Georgos Petalotis to create a meeting with the successful Greek Americans for fund raising.  I suppose that Mr. Papandreou chooses American Diaspora over others first to bolster his own interests.  They persuade Greek American tycoons Kyriakos Tsakopoulos, Andy Manatos, George Tsouni, Dean Mitropoulos to meet and promote the idea of investing in the Greek myth to save the “patrida” – homeland.
After convincing these business people, they arrange to meet in Athens where the Greek minister Haris Pampoukis explains the “fast track” investing.
The final blow comes when Haris Pampoukis basically tells the investors that they are wasting the time of the ministry because the ministry wanted to talk about investments of 500 million and not 50.

I guess that beggars can be choosy. I can think of many colloquialisms that are applicable to what I am writing here but I will spare readers the banality.  I think that what the reader should understand is that there is an over bloated public sector that needs to be trimmed immediately.  That is the only solution to reduce the public debt and to force the government to stop its votes for jobs strategy that is destroying the lives of thousands of Greek people not to mention the number of suicides that have already happened.

While my opinion may appear harsh and possibly detrimental towards benefiting the Greek people, I feel that there is no other method of deposing the current system of corruption.

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