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Greece political, financial, and psychological affirmation of criminal behavior

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What was it that P. T. Barnum said, oh yea “There's a sucker born every minute!”.

What would Greece be like without the help from Greeks abroad?

The quick Greek response would probably be what foreigners would be like without the foundations that Greece has given them!

While the Greeks abroad work hard and develop their worthiness and status in the foreign countries where they reside, the Greeks in Greece now cry about having to undergo wage reductions to pay for the sins of their fathers.  It is unbelievable to hear the stories that display the lack of respect and humility that Greeks today seem to forget.

The fact that many of them have relatives who left the Greek homeland years ago to better themselves and their families, and sadly find that they have reached an age when they can visit the “old country” only to find that the old country still does not live up to the obligations without taking the charities of the Greeks abroad.

While many are still placing their bets that Greece will follow Iceland in bankruptcy, the government workers take their opportunity to strike on a daily basis, the younger generation complain about the prices of the cafeterias and threaten on a television to stay home, and the private sector unfairly takes a chance at trying to have the wage freeze applied to their employees.

Meanwhile Greece calls upon the councils of the Greeks abroad to ask for help as seen here.

ALEXANDRIA (ANA-MPA - N. Katsikas) The World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE) on Sunday issued to call to all Greek expatriates, asking them to donate to its campaign 'Support Fund for Greece' that seeks to raise money to lower the country's high public debt.

Greece created it’s problem and yet shows no shame in asking patriots outside of the country to help solve it.

Isn’t it time that Greece eats some humble pie? The country already has gone bankrupt three (3) times, yes that’s right.  Refer to the newspaper TO BHMA within the last month if you don’t believe it.

By helping Greece, you will be providing psychologically and financial support that shows that what Greece has done over these years is correct.

If you are wondering why someone who lives in Greece is writing this, it is because I believe in the spirit of Greece as developed by the ancient Greeks.

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