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Country Auditing Reveals the Inefficiencies of Politicians
The Greek people should be enthusiastic about having Troika audit their country.  What a service the EU is providing.  The Greek people have now invented a new service for the general market, Country Auditing.

The audit being conducted by Troika is unveiling the performance management of their own politicians and the mismanagement that has occurred over the years such as: not implementing progress, and creating laws that are absolutely worthless from the beginning of their conception.

The most self-aggrandizing enemies of the Troika are the political parties of the left, the KKE or Communist Party of Greece, the Coalition of the Radical Left but the question is:  If they are the people’s party then why did they allow all of this to happen? They pretend to be surprised by the findings and categorize the ruling parties of Pasok and New Democracy of collusion fueling the pockets of the rich through the abuse of the poor.  In effect they all fuel the pockets of anyone that is willing to share the wealth of corruption.

Some of the statistics that have been released to the Greek press include approximately 1200 new laws have been voted into effect by but only 30% or 400 are actually implemented, as reported in the video newscast (below).

Greek politicians love to pass laws, any law, even laws on the whim of nonsensical ideas.

14 new laws of the Tax Authority over the last two years have not been implemented and therefore have not prosecuted any tax evaders.

Closed Professions that the government was told to open in 2009, and again in 2010, and again in 2011 were authorized on paper but never applied.

A system that is intended to record the ownership of property such as land, buildings, and apartments is in total disarray due to the fact that it was never modernized to use technology over the past 20 years.  This in turn increases the cost of legal fees when performing a title of ownership searches.  I was speaking with a friend of mine who gave me a clearer indication of how much time was involved to complete a title search, one year!

Inefficiency and bureaucracy applies to all areas of the Greek government. Years ago I remember doing a search for a new business name for a client.  When I asked the Ministry of Commerce to verify that the name was available, they informed me that there were already ten companies with exactly the same name and entity.  When I asked them how that can be, their answer stupefied me because legally all of those companies would be liable in the event of a law suit.  Their quick answer was that most businesses looked for the company name in the telephone book but during the antiquated telecommunication period of Greece (up to 1990) companies were forced to use telephone numbers that were registered to people because they couldn’t attain one through normal channels, therefore many company names were not listed.

Troika should publish the statistics that they discover to set an example for all countries and provide the people with the ability to produce objective evidence on the real value that they receive for their votes.

List of Political Parties in Greece

Unfortunately some of the news casts are only in the Greek language.  Maybe it should be said that if they were in English, people around the world would be shocked at the outrageous misuse of government funds.

Ant1 News Report on Political Regression  (video in Greek)

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