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God Blacklisted By Credit Organization

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Credit Organization Must Seek Forgiveness
It’s not everyday that God is blacklisted but in this peculiar case a man with the given name of God is being refused credit by Equifax.

According the report, link below, New York businessman named God is suing Equifax for stating that he has no financial history after its system rejected his name.

This is a power play by a credit organization against a person having a name given to him or her by either parents or a Godfather or Godmother and, who stated that he was named after his grandfather.

The worse part of this is that the banks are basically telling this person to change his name.  What about all those people whose names are Jesus or Mary?

It sounds to me like the credit organizations are role playing as God’s when demand that a person has to change his or her name to be acceptable.

The usual credit organization motto is that a customer with no credit history as a risk because there is no record of whether they are good at keeping up with repayments.

Just because we now live in a more digital world does not mean that there are people who simply do not want to be a file number simply because they have no credit history according to the gospel of the unholy credit organizations.

Hopefully God will win the case and show the credit organizations and banks what a real act of God is.

Man named God sues Equifax after it refuses to give him a credit rating because of his unusual name

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