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Germans Refuse Debt Towards Greece

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Germans Forget their DebtThe ghosts of war still haunt Europe and Germany is once again in the limelight as it continues its march on European countries.  I suppose that after WWI that a title like this probably caused people around the world to become frightened but even after the millions who died during WWII, it appears that Germany continues to attempt domination.

Most people don’t know it but America provided enormous funding for Germany to return to normal and they did it for one reason, a place to keep an eye on Russia for the coldwar that was coming. 

At that time, many European countries received minimal payment from Germany for war damages.  This was done politically as a show of faith that all was forgiven and because the USA and other countries provided financial assistance.  Greece was asked to postpone receiving its portion.  Now at the height of the financial crisis in Europe, the Greek people are demanding that payment for WWII reparations be made.

When you owe a bank money can you simply say forget it?
German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble is apparently a one way person, that is to say that whoever owes Germany is in debt but whatever Germany owes to others should be permanently forgotten.

It is time that Germany accept a swap for the debt.  Even if Germany does accept, the have still profited enormously from the bond transactions that Greece has issued in exchange for loans and the debt owed by Germany is equal to approximately two thirds of the currect Greek debt.


Secret Athens Report: Berlin Owes Greece Billions in WWII Reparations

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