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George Papandreou Persona Non Grata

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TED Global Supports Failures too

I want to thank the Real Democracy Now group in Edinburgh for their attempt to remove George Papandreou from the speakers list.

I believe that it is a farce that anyone should allow Mr. George Papandreou, a demagogue, to speak before any audience on any aspect of government as he is responsible for the misery and suffering of the Greek nation and its citizens.

In my opinion, George Papandreou is an unwelcome person because as the former Prime Minister of Greece, he misused his position, lied to the people, and is responsible for the loss of dignity, economies, work, and years of loans that the people of Greece are now responsible for due to his leadership.

George Papandreou is anti-democratic as he knowingly pushed Greece to the brink of bankruptcy which forced Greece into the position of non-competitive loan rates as the driving force of extremely high interest rates without the consent of the people.

I hope that any organization that receives any offer by Mr. George Papandreou to lecture, teach, or write will deny him that opportunity.

Responding to the petition to disinvite George Papandreou from TED Global

Petition against the Visit of G. Papandreou in Edinburgh

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