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European Opportunity Lost

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Predestined Dissolution of the EU
It should be obvious to everyone now that Europe has lost the perfect opportunity to finally form a United Europe.  The leaders are so myopic that they could not see through the forest of bad economic and monetary policy what could have been used to finally unite Europe into one nation.

Using the economic failures and short comings of the countries that have are on the edge of economic failure, Europe could have decided to make a change that would have altered the entire structure of the continent, its government, and its people.

Instead of seeing an opportunity, Germany the leading country in Europe only saw the fear of losing profits from the already made bond and loans that they shoveled into the European market.

By taking this path, Germany not only opened the door to increasing the extreme right wing but that of the danger of the extremist immigrants that they assumed would replace their aging work force.

The first victim of atrocities was France but from a strategic point of view why bite the hand of the country that provided entry into the center of your enemy camp when you can delay their demise.

Now that the majority of Europe has seen what has happened in France are they took a stance while trembling to stop the immigration.  The borders are now closed to those immigrants who are not on a mission while those who are will find a way through the maze of openings in the virtual fences, and even Greece will supposedly see a European force to guard its sea borders.

I have not written anything about the Muslims because they are people just like Christians and Jews and in that mixture there are both good and bad.

The southern Europeans will now pay the price of European mismanagement.
They will be forced to endure their own economic problems while accepting the additional burden of immigrants and refugees.

Europe has already begun marketing the idea as a “remember when the people of your country immigrated to other nations” to create the illusion of being Christian and charitable.  This will only increase the frustration of the already existing unemployment conditions; will only serve to increase tensions and possibly bring the EU to its predestined dissolution.

My toast for the New Year will be “To the dissolution of the EU and its ineptitude!”

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