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European Commission Condones Corruption

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Pasok and New Democracy Default on Toxic Loans

Are you a European?

Do you like giving money to political leaders?

That is exactly what is happening with the money from taxes that you are paying.  The European Commission is writing off loans of the Greek political parties of Pasok and New Democracy.  Could it be doing the same for political leaders in your country?

There has been a tremendous amount of squabbling over Greek loan debts that are considered high risk in the market and the creditors of Greece are demanding resolutions.

The one that has not been mentioned is that of the Greek political parties of Pasok and New Democracy.

While governing Greece over the past thirty years, Pasok and New Democracy took loans from the banks in the amount of over 200 million Euros.

Pasok and New Democracy never repaid loans supposedly for election campaigns and other unknown uses and those debts were simply ignored until now.  Along comes Troika and uncovers a variety of “unhealthy” loans. Those loans include business loans taken by companies that collaborated with the political parties as well as those of home owners that have not been repaid, and considers them as “toxic” debt.  Now Pasok and New Democracy pass their loans problems into the mixture and into the hands of the European Commission to eliminate their own debt.

While the people of Greece suffer through the austerity measures, the European Commission reduces the debt of the same politicians that have brought the country to its economic destruction.

Homes are being auctioned to loan companies willing to take the risk that the home owners will continue to pay or they will lose their homes similar to that which happened in the USA.

Why is it that the members of Pasok and New Democracy are exempt from paying their loans, and why does the European Commission condone this?

The following is a translation of an article that appeared in a local newspaper rather than in one of the major newspapers of Greece.

The European Parliament and Commission associate

in the Debt Erasure of ND and Pasok

Retraction of the question was requested of the Euro Minister Nikos Hountis

Retract the critical question of the Euro Minister of the people's unity, Nikos Hountis, regarding the loans of New Democracy and Pasok, was requested by the services of the European Congress(!)

Mr. Nikos Hountis, because of his question shows, based on evidence, that the European Commission concealed the fact from the European audit and "turned a blind" eye regarding the erasure of debt of New Democracy and Pasok.

The request to withdraw his question, probably in collusion with the commission, expressed by a letter of the Directorate General of the Presidency of the European Parliament, with the reason that, "the commission does not have the jurisdiction under these conditions" and that "the role of the commission is not... public information services for individual loans from one bank, which has been recapitalized with government assistance".

Additionally, Mr. Nikos Hountis was called upon by the European Commission to withdraw the question otherwise he would be subject to expulsion by the President of the European Parliament for his decision of unacceptable conduct or not about the question.

As a reminder that before a month, Mr. Nikos Hountis in his question (D. T. 11/11/2015, “Responsibilities of the Commission for the erasure of the loans of New Democracy and Pasok”) noted that:
“The Commission, in a previous answer of (16.05.2014a) regarding questions by Nikos Hountis and his predecessor T. Skullakakis a Euro Minister, did not mention the fact, that the debt of the political parties (ND and Pasok) has already been deleted, that were under the amnesty of the bank officers.

On the contrary, our assurance to watch the case of the political party loans, expressed word for word: “The nominees to be observed, which have been designated for the Greek banks from January 2013, are watching the procedures to which new loans and the restructuring existing loans of borrowers, including the members of the political parties”.
The Euro Minister requested to be informed by the commission “if the answer then was a product of the lack of or misinformation and not an attempt to deflate the fact, such that it would be in the interest and to protect the then governing parties ND and Pasok.

Mr. Nikos Hountis answering the Directorate General of the Presidency of the European Parliament refused to withdraw his question and simultaneously sent a letter to the President of the E. P. Mr. Schultz, expressing besides that:
“It is unacceptable, in this period of austerity and incredible economic crisis, where the main them in Greece is the “Toxic Debt”, for which thousands of families are now on the streets because of their inability to repay, to theorize as “isolated” and “confidential” loans with a value of 230 million Euros, of the members of the political parties of Greece, to which participated as the most powerful political parties of the European Parliament (the People’s Party, the European Socialistic Party).
[…] It is extremely hypocritical to not want to answer these questions.

The Assistant Minister of Justice Demetris Papaggelopoulos (during the combined government of Samaras – Venizelos) answer the related question of the Minister of Syriza, Christos Karagiannidis, it is basically confirmed a “hidden agenda” from the rostrum of the parliament:

the archive of the case is due to the provision of article 78 of law 4146/2013, to which the essence provides asylum to the president, the members of the board and the bank officers for a category of loans.  …for this part it must be noted that there was another application, to which concerned the loans of ATE (bank) towards the political parties, which however this was linked to the file!”

The current government does not want or prevented Europe from restoring the file.
Why does this show that it was not in the interest of anyone (!) to cover up the 220 million that were “snatched” by ND and Pasok with non-transparent procedures that will be paid by the health of the fool (the people)!

In short, the government and the EC accept that the loans of the Greek politicians can be eliminated simply using asylum that was never voted for by the Greek people.
The word asylum is being misused and infers to people not loans.
The word asylum according to the dictionary means:
1.    A shelter from danger or hardship
2.    A hospital for mentally incompetent or unbalanced person
So, which one applies to loans and which to political party members?

Maybe everyone should demand asylum for any loans that they have taken from banks!

A copy of the article in Greek is available from the link below.

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