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EU Leadership or Bust

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European Democracy or Domination by German SchweinGermany is not the most powerful country in Europe.  The German government led by a small group of people are once again provoking images of Nazi Germany through the use of economic terrorism.

If the EU truly wants to continue, it is time to put down the hammer on Germany and unite European countries; the lack of making this decision is the same as giving Germany the right to take over and rule Europe.

While Greek citizens have mustered the will to support their useless politicians to save Greece by paying back taxes that were never asked for or collect over the last 30 years, the despair caused by Europe (Germany) gambling on issuing the loans they agreed to provide will not merely result in a “European Winter” event but will destroy the EU once and for all.  This will increase adverse economics globally.

Germany is so confident that it can do without the EU that it is now hedging between staying and leaving, all the while that it has profited from the stock markets on the interest of the borrowing countries, the sale of German made goods and services.

Are Europeans so feeble minded that they do not have the self esteem to believe in their own development?
Boycott German goods and services and then let’s see how strong minded they will be.

At least one member of the EU is aware of German tactics to take Europe without deploying troops yet.  One would think that after two major wars with Germany that the Europeans would have placed checks to keep them in place.

European leaders are asleep at the helm again.
British Minister Nigel Farage, Germany is our new Master, video!


A discussion on whether Germany should abandon the Euro!

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