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Does the Immigrant Crisis Have a Hidden Agenda?

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What are the world leaders doing?

Everyone is talking about how western nations should accept more immigrant refugees and asylum seekers.

On the news from the German Deutch Weller TV, a young African man that has been accepted into Germany and has begun to settle into what is considered a normal working life, thanks Germany claiming it to be the best country in the world for giving him a chance.

On the news from a Greek TV station, another young man who illegally entered Greece from Turkey to the island of Mytilini among the other thousands demands better treatment and a faster response to prepare his paperwork that will help him leave for Germany.  At the same time, other immigrants seeing the news cameras turn away or pull their caps downward to hide their faces.

Germany is accepting immigrants as a humanitarian effort while at the same time preparing those who will be willing to work to replace the aging German work force.
As another thought to the typical European idea, is it simply a poorly disguised political strategy to be the first country that will claim Syria and other countries for the initiation of business through redevelopment projects after the war.
Why not, America has done this in countries such as Vietnam and elsewhere.
Isn’t it time that politicians stop selling the “humanitarian idea” as a method to get a foothold in other countries?  Isn’t this what has lead to so many problems in the first place?

Do the American bases in Germany have to worry about the influx of unknown and undocumented immigrants?  I would if I were them.

What nemesis hides among the immigrants? Disease and terrorist cells.
Western nations have spent billions protecting people from childhood through inoculation for diseases.  Imagine the costs of testing and inoculation, not to mention documenting all of these people many which either have no papers or falsified papers claiming that they are from any of the countries that are flooding Europe.

Where are the Gulf countries while all of this is happening?

The immigration crisis is a mix of various problems including war, the economic crisis, and will probably increase due to global warming.

There are no clear answers and numerous outcomes may soon be seen with regards to violence between western people and the immigrants.

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