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Does the EU Abuse Internet Payment Services?

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Government organizations abuse Internet Payment Services
E-Commerce Merchant Gateways are something that everyone uses when they make a purchase or sale on the Internet.

It provides a simple procedure that allows you to use either a payment service like paypal or your credit card to buy, sell, or transfer money world wide.

Of lately, the ECC-Net othewise known as the European Consumer Centres Network, a government agency, has now decided that consumers are terrorists or money launderers until proven otherwise by demanding copies of personal information.

How do I know this?  This recently happened to me.
I received an email from PayPal (Europe) Sarl et Cie SCA notifying me that my account would be suspended or frozen if I did not provide proof of who I am.
I provided them with scanned images of my driver’s license and my telephone bill in accordance with their demands.

There is no one that you can email directly because this is their policy so you have to wait until one of their “gods” decides whether you are a terrorist or money launderer.

This again is another indication about the justice system and organization of the EU.
Since when does some organization have the right to play judge and jury about whether or not you are a criminal without a trial?

I have used Paypal since 2003, that’s 11 years, and now they decide that I maybe a criminal because I happen to have some money transfer of less than $1,000 (one thousand) US dollars.

According to their website, the European Consumer Centres Network CANNOT:
Force traders to take action: they rely on persuasion (but it works in at least half of the cases they handle!)
So what are they good for except to be another European organization created by a bunch of EU Brussel hoodlums that are being paid by taxes of EU citizens?

Instead of watching people that make yearly transfers of less than 10,000 Euros why hasn’t any European organization put an end to the real money transfers above 100,000 that is happening between its politicians and companies?

If Europe wants to be centralized then they should either make the decision and do it or end the EU.  The farce of a centralized Europe has gone on long enough.

Are these types of checks supposed to protect citizens when others are freely moving large sums of money that are from bribes and other forms of corruption?

Aparently while there is an organization for European citizens there are separate organizations in other countries and each with their own rules and regulation

European Consumer Centres Network

The Financial Services Register UK

Prudential Regulation Authority

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