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Diaspora is a Foreigner Who Pay Greek Taxes

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Greek Diaspora No Longer Human Beings

The Greek government just issued a new wave of taxes but this time it will be upon the foreigners of Greek heritage, also known as the diasporas.  In past months the government noted that it would require Greeks living abroad to provide proof that they were actually living abroad but now they look to entangle the earnings of the diaspora by taking - it might be better to say stealing money from them to save Greece.

The other night I watched the Greek television show called NEOI FAKELOI (NEW FOLDERS) that displays the unprecedented level of the Greek government recourse including cancelling all retirement and medical benefits to diasporas that have returned to Greece within the last twenty years.

For those of you who understand Greek, the video below is from that show.

It displays the despair and disgust of the Greek Ponti or Pontus and the Greek Albanians that have returned to Greece over the years.

I have listened to and witnessed people here telling me that they now have to pay to make an appointment to see a government doctor, that they have to pay for their medicine, and then wait to receive a refund that can take months due to the continual Greek bureaucracy that Mr. Avramopoulos, a Greek Minister, declared that everything has changed for the better in Greece on CNN.

CNN Quest Means Business interview with DIMITRIS AVRAMOPOULO

Destroying Rather Than “Restoring the Reputation of Greece”


Meanwhile back under the Olive Tree with goats, the Greek government incredibly pulled the plug within one day on every government TV and Radio channel causing an instantaneous news blackout dehiring over 2600 people.

Simplified Document Submission for Residents Abroad

Greece Will Tax Foreigners 45 percent

Neoi Fakeloi (in Greek) discusses Govt Pension Health Benefits Cut to Diaspora

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