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Citizens Right to Vote Lost

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People No Longer Control Their Governments

When was the last time that your government gave you the right to vote, not for a president, governor, or mayor but for laws that gives politicians the power of God?

You don’t think that this is possible?  In Greece, democracy has become so twisted that the people have no control anymore.

Politicians vote among themselves to give themselves raises, larger expense accounts, and even exemption from being brought to trial by whom, the people.  Ask whether you can bring your own politicians to trial?

If this is not the power of God over society then I don’t know what is.  Politicians have declared themselves Pharaohs’ with the divine power to do not what the people want but whatever rewards themselves and their cohorts’ financial gain.

Today I read an article about a publisher that is being given amnesty for bank fraud that has robbed people of their savings.  This is not the first and sadly is will not be the last because politicians have been very busy behind the scenes preparing laws that do exactly that, provide immunity for their own wrong doings.

If society is to reduce corruption, it must start by cancelling illegal laws put in place by politicians and such laws must be effected by the vote of the people.

While we all wait the September elections in Germany for Queen Merkel, people in the southern countries of Europe are committing suicide because of their failure to provide for their families while politicians announce that austerity is proving successful.

The IMF and the EU are aware that Greece’s problem of tax evasion is not the little guy but those who share influence and protection from none other than the government.

Based on this fact alone, the obvious conclusion is that the IMF and the EU are guilty of abetting and aiding corruption.


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