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Cheney Soothes Numbing Down Americans

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Americans losing control of their country
When people read are their brains interpreting what the words are actually saying?

Today I read on the NY Times an article about Dick Cheney being recorded for a television broadcast. With only a few paragraphs of the article, anyone can see that this man helped to bring down the American image, country finances, and sent Americans to war and death for his own ego.

Ego, from the Greek word meaning “I”, and that I is capitalized in this instance as it is extremely dangerous for anyone to have such an attitude.

Looking back over the years, I remember a time during the 1970’s when America was involved with the presidential cabinet of L. Johnson. Fighting a war controlled not by military people but by bureaucratic politicians in government proved to be anathema to our nation.

Are we going to continue repeating history?
“This film, a long interview with Mr. Cheney interspersed with news clips and journalists and biographers, isn’t an exposé or an indictment…”
Shouldn’t it be? Has the judicial system in the USA lost its independence due to so many lawyers partaking in the roles of politicians?
This is another example of what happens when the legislative branch of government is being saturated with judicial branch.

Here are some excerpts from the article that should invoke anger in Americans; that this person has not been brought to trial and incarcerated.

“Most notably, Mr. Cheney defends his position on Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, the Iraq war and the use of water boarding with his usual aplomb and deft obfuscation. Other key players, including George W. Bush, have acknowledged mistakes and expressed dismay over decisions that proved misguided. Mr. Cheney says he did nothing wrong and has no regrets.”

Hmmm, does this remind anyone of the Watergate scandal?
“One incident is almost chilling. Barton Gellman, a journalist and the author of a Cheney biography, recounts how in 2004 Mr. Cheney fought Justice Department lawyers who had determined that the top-secret, warrantless surveillance program that he had pushed for was illegal. Mr. Cheney was so insistent on keeping the wiretaps going that he kept Mr. Bush, then in his re-election campaign, out of the loop until the 11th hour, when two dozen Justice Department lawyers and the F.B.I. director threatened to resign.”

Did we win the war again?
Today our troops are still fighting in Iraq even though we “won the war” as Mr. Bush said.

It is time that the people take a stronger stance and role in government actions.
Demand that this person be brought to trial. If not for the damage that he has done to the great nation of the USA then for the unqualified death and maiming of American soldiers.

Reference: New York Times, Serenity of a War Strategist

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