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Capitalism Unraveled by Globalization

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The Global war to achieve equilibriumIt wasn’t long ago when the idea of low cost production with high profits gave birth to the ideas that brought everyone cheap and innocuous made products from Asia.  The failure by governments and that of the G20 group is that they overlooked the implications of current system to meet the needs of globalization.

I wrote a long time ago that globalization is a failure and I maintain that thought because as we see today, governments and the G20 now realize that they did not make any framework or provisions for taxing companies and other basic concepts as guidelines for the correct progress of globalization.

As a result, global enterprises are the inculpation of being tax evaders when in fact they are not.  The global enterprise is not obligated to pay taxes if laws have not been established for them to do so.

This is the consequence of supporting an issue without any thought to future planning that proves the lack of forethought by politicians.

Now that they have managed to create the global monster that is uncontrollable, it uses investment funding by the people of the same countries that push forward the idea resulting in the same people from those countries losing their jobs, their homes, and their future.

The question now is how to stabilize or bring globalization to equilibrium?

Globalization cannot be stopped because doing so would probably instigate a global war between the countries that now control production and the countries that have become stagnant.

Poorer countries are “sending” their people to western countries like a deluge aggravating the economic job crisis and recreating nationalistic ideas such as Nazism to solve the threat.

Countries are drowning in debt again due to the non- distribution of production and therefore wealth between areas of Europe while the states in the USA are slowly beginning to collapse like an imploding stars.

There is no possibility to create a centralized and globalized monetary system at this time due to the differences between countries and therefore there is no simple solution.  So, as the system currently exists, it will require much more forethought to correct it; to bring harmony to society.

Even if the possibility existed to create a global currency, the money of the USA, not to mention Europe, would be worthless due to the trillions against non-existent gold reserves.

It is amazing that no one has started as yet the most obvious and commonly used tactic among politicians to solve the crisis, the next global war. Or is it in planning???

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