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Blood is Declared Valuable and Taxable in Greece

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Taxation of Greek Blood Donors

Well its time to give the Greek Ministry of Taxation the Flying Fickle of Fate Award for outstanding stupidity.

For those of you that know who remember the show Laugh-in with Dan Rowan and Dick Martin will appreciate this as the Greek government steps in their own dung again.

Aparently the finance ministry is looking for money anywhere it can get it so badly that it is willing to tax blood donors because they believe that the gesture of giving blood is valuable enough to be taxed.  I am really surprised that they only targeted the blood donors and not those who receive the blood.   Ooops, I guess that I better not say that otherwise they just might do that.

The blunders of the Ministry of Taxation in Greece now resound once again as they announced to taxpayers that they could now correct the mistakes of the real estate or property tax known as ENFIA.

Due to the failure to properly train accountants from the very start of imposing the requirement of a declaration of property in 2005, every property owner will now be required to visit either their accountant – tax preparer or one of the offices of the tax department along with a mechanical engineer and maybe a lawyer or notary to support the corrections necessary, and of course pay for the mistakes made by the government again.

I will also mention the fact that the government required the submition of the notorious form E9 from everyone because they simply lost a large batch of them years ago.

Remember Doctors that the next time some minister ends up on the operating table in a Greek hospital, ask them to pay for the blood or else!

Reference in Greek:

Φόρος… αίματος για τους εθελοντές αιμοδότες!

Enjoy a show from Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In in this video that Goldie Hawn playing the dumb blond and Arte Johnson appears as well.

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