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Airline Industry to Slave Economy Class Lifestyle

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Airline industry must be regulated

We all want decent services but at what cost?  It is not the first time that you may have read about airlines exploiting the use of fees for anything and everything from selling bottles of water to outrageous charges for overweight luggage.

The USA once again leads the pseudo assault on the airlines effectively doing nothing to stop the tactics while in an article from a newspaper quoted a $3.4 billion profit from overweight luggage charges that travelers are forced to pay once they get to the check-in counter.

In essence, the same business tactics are being used by Internet providers offering a multitude of options creating chaos for consumers and multiple lanes of Internet speed using the abuse of the Net Neutrality rules.

So what is happening is that instead of making the buying of services easier, companies are claiming that private business must be separated from governmental intervention is in effect making everything more complicated and more expensive due to hidden charges.  Yes, the charges are hidden otherwise you would know about it before the check-in or receiving your bill.

Most consumer protection statutes require full disclosure of taxes and fees when booking through any channel of distribution as long as YOU file a complaint.

On a recent trip to the USA, I bought my air tickets online and noted that I was only allowed one piece of luggage to be checked-in and one piece of hand luggage on the plane.  The checked-in luggage was set at 23 kilos or approximately 50 pounds in weight.  I don’t know about you but when I travel to halfway across the world, I would prefer to have more than a few changes of clothing especially when I am travelling for about 18 days.  Okay, so many readers will say if you can afford to travel around the world then you can afford to pay for an extra piece of luggage.

It is the fault of the airline industry that luggage sizes and capacities are not standardized.

Now here’s the catch, the problem is not paying but as to how much.  Heading from the EU to the USA using a UK airline I was asked to pay an additional 200 Euros while on return from the USA to the EU using the same airline I was asked to pay 200 US Dollars.  There is the rub!  Why is there no global price using a set currency?

Maybe the weight of the luggage should consider the length of time during the trip.  If one is travelling for only two nights then of course they would not need to carry more than one piece of luggage but if someone is travelling for more than ten days then it is logical that they will take at least two pieces of luggage.

Row, row, row your plane

Remember those movies where the slaves rowed the ships while chained to their seats.  We have now returned to that time period.  And you though time travel wasn’t possible.

Have you travelled with a modified 747 lately?  Airlines are now modifying the original layout of the planes by removing the toilets.  What this means is that you once had 300 passengers in economy class sharing eight (8) toilets and they are now sharing four (4).  This allows the airlines to put in more economy seats.

Remove the spacing between the seats and between the rows and what do you have?  Slave Economy Class!  By adding another line of seats in the center portion of the plane they have managed to squeeze in even more passengers.

Once again this proves that the airline industry must be regulated to protect consumers otherwise they might start putting seats into the luggage compartment with a brand name of fourth class.

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