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30 Years of Survival in Greece

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Three Decades of Life in Greece
It is August 2013 and I just aged another year but at the same time I celebrate, if one can call it that, surviving thirty (30) years of living and working in Greece.

I guess that the tune that Frank Sinatra sang saying that if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere is true.  Maybe I will be considered for one of those satellite television shows like Survival with Cody Lundin or Bear Grylls on how to survive in one of the most corrupt countries of the world.

It is sad that I have to close 30 years of life in Greece negatively; to say that the misfortune of the country is due to deliberate non-leadership but it is the truth.
If I were to tell you corruption stories of what happens here the content would be gigabytes in size and you would probably think that I am making them up.  As I am writing this, a black-out is in progress, one of many that is common to Athenians due to the same putrescence of the electric company monopoly that brought shame to the island of Santorini.

Greece as a country gave a tremendous head start to western civilization that realized and used the knowledge of the ancient Greeks to progress, and yet there are a few modern Greeks that still have much to contribute to better the world.

While this is the real justification for saving Greece it must not be a consideration for allowing politicians, anywhere, to destroy countries financially or otherwise, nor is it a solution or an answer to send refugees to countries of better means like leeches.  The only outcome of such degradation is a world in chaos that inhibits progress.

Proper education is the real answer towards a better world because eventually someone will be creative enough to design a new system that will encompass fairness and checks for a globalized world and not only a lopsided globalized economy.

I hope that in the years ahead, the Greek people change the corrupt education of illicit thinking with a more productive and positive lifestyle.  The consequence of doing otherwise will be their end.

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