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20th century history of Greece condensed or a view from a foreigner with Greek heritage living in Greece since 1983

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The reign of political corruption in Greece

A very short history to understand why Greece is being destroyed
Konstantinos Karamanlis helped to form what is now known as the EU.  He brought Greece into the EU and along with Andreas G. Papandreou and Konstantinos Mitsotakis forged the political system that exists today.

Andreas G. Papandreou and Konstantinos Mitsotakis created the political parties of Pasok and New Democracy, respectively.  Doing so kept the people in a glass house having to choose between the two and is more like a soccer match during elections where the ball is kicked to the other side with a continuous tie game.  While they attempt to keep the parties limited, the birth of the KKE or Communist party came to exist.  The Communist party has enjoyed a successful manipulation of the people by forcing the mainstream party to accept them as an ally and therefore gained a coerced entrance in the parliament due to the voting law.

In between Konstantinos Mitsotakis and after Andreas G. Papandreou, came Costas Simitis.
Supposedly a financial wizard, his true legacy proved to be the beginning of the end for Greece. Gambling with money of the country and the social security funds of the people using the latest investment games created a bubble on the Greek stock market.

Greece’s gov’t owned companies like OTE, OPAP, and others suddenly found capital to enter into the markets of the Balkan area of Europe, the people never realized that the money was being channeled.  Next to continue the abuse of the financial money markets was Kostas Karamanlis.  During his term, he managed to increase the debt of Greece beyond its resources and if he didn’t loose the election to George Papandreou, Greece would probably have collapsed in sudden bankruptcy death.

Why George Papandreou accepted the position of Prime Minister?
His predecessor, Costas Simitis left the abused position to Papandreou to carry the burden that was actually started by his own father.  As one of Mr. Simitis’ cabinet closest members, there is no reason to believe that Mr. Papandreou did not know that Greece’s financial records were fraudulent, as discovered later by the auditors of Europe.  Therefore, after Kostas Karamanlis, Mr. Papandreou took the office and the position of Prime Minister; he claimed that in 2009 there were on national television that there were hundreds of billions and trillions of euros in government funds available. So to answer this question, he accepted the position of Prime Minister simply to carry on the reign of his ancestors. 

Why did George Papandreou mislead Europe and the IMF into providing Greece with new loans?
At the writing of this, Greece has now accumulated 370 billion euros or $500 billion in loan debt. Reference New York Times.

Accepting the new loans keeps Greece from collapsing but they can also be manipulated to whatever purposes the Greek politicians’ desire, while putting more pressure on Europe to keep funding like a drug addict requiring a dose to function slightly better than death.

Why Papandreou does not want to fire public employees?
The answer is simple and it applies to New Democracy as well.  This would invoke a revolution by the people against the thieving and lying politicians that deserve to be punished in Constitution Square.

A prediction on George Papandreou’s future
The current outlook for Greece is that it will go bankrupt soon and that it will be forced to return to its original currency of Drachmae.  This will inevitably put Greece back about 500 years financially.  Papandreou will therefore forfeit his position of Prime Minister to whoever is elected.  He will most likely seek employment in another country, hopefully no one in the USA will accept him, and it will be the end of the of Papandreou dynasty.

Lucky for everyone that this organization maybe in the midst of being extinct.  Giving an award for transparency in Greece is absolutely ridiculous.
2010: Quadriga Award (Werkstatt Deutschland, Germany), for The Power of Veracity (transparency regarding the state of the Greek economy) see his biography on wikipedia as reference.

If foreign governments manage to assume the leadership of Greece, I can only hope that they will be able to provide the Greek people with a positive government that they so badly need, without corruption, and to be able to receive proper services for their taxes.

If there were no Greece, there would not be anything called Europe!

The star cast of political characters that are bringing 21st century Greece into ruin by two leading political parties

Grand-father, Georgios Papandreou, former Prime Minister of Greece

Father, Andreas G. Papandreou, former Prime Minister of Greece

Son, George Papandreou, current Prime Minister of Greece

Kostas Simitis, former Prime Minister of Greece

Konstantinos Karamanlis, former Prime Minister of Greece

Konstantinos Mitsotakis, former Prime Minister of Greece

Nephew, Kostas Karamanlis, former Prime Minister of Greece

Along with a cast of thousands from the European Parliament that blunder their way through life.

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