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18 November

Greek Politicians Save 11 Million Euros Killing 17 Citizens

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Seventeen Lives for 11 Million Euros

Greeks suffered a rain storm that created a deluge these past days in various parts of the country.  This is not what someone normally writes about in a blog but in this particular case, I am writing about it to demonstrate that Greek Politicians are Terrorists.

The events that took place this past week display the failure not only of the current government but of all the previous ones.  If the leaders did their jobs and took their responsibility seriously then the loss of sixteen, plus one more life today, and the loss of property, disgust, mortification and humiliation could have been prevented.

Rena Dourou, a member of Syriza, came into her position as the Regional Governor of Athens in the fall of 2014.  At that time she was aware of the problems that various areas have regarding sewerage and storm drainage.  Bids were requested and in the case of the area hardest hit, a proposal to hopefully correct the situation would require eleven (11) million Euros.  Since then Rena Dourou like most of the civil workers did nothing.

Mr. Tsipras recently returned from a meeting with President Trump.  He claimed to have gained an advantage of new jobs for Greeks but the truth is that he decided to go on a shopping spree buying aircraft and upgrades while Greece remains economically in the red, meaning that taxpayers once again would soon feel the pain of having the government attach itself like leeches to suck out whatever savings remain in our bank accounts.

The day after, Mr. Tsipras (I write Mr. because I cannot respect someone who was voted for as a Prime Minister based upon psychological disgust with other political parties) secretly travels to the area of Athens that was destroyed by the deluge to avoid the people.

Mr. Tsipras announced only one week ago that there was a surplus (referred to by him as a holiday bonus) of money in the amount of 1.9 billion Euros that he would allocate to the taxpayers by giving us a "gift" of eliminating one payment of a real estate tax known as ENFIA and returning illegal health insurance contributions.  Once again he lied because less than 800 million will actually be returned to the taxpayers.

One would think that Rena Dourou would (or should) step down by resigning but this is typical among Greek politicians and has not happened and probably will not.

Today many families in the west of Athens have been destroyed by the loss of their homes, their personal property, their self-esteem, and the lives of their loved ones who were found dead because the Greek government did not want to spend eleven (11) million Euros.

What would you feel or do if you had a government with no method of impeachment?

What would you feel or do if you had a government with no method of punishing the leaders of your country?

The Greek government should put these citizens in hotels until the government compensates them or do they have a lower status than the immigrants who have been catered to by Greece because the Greek government is paid by Europe to keep them here.

Another question is whether or not the Greek government will compensate the people or will the Greek courts and law-makers simply dismiss this as an act of nature.

As the economies of most Greeks does not allow them to have insurance coverage, the government usually offers a total of 200 Euros for the destruction of their home from an earthquake.

The Greek government charges all taxpayers a Solidarity Tax.

Does the left wing Syriza even knows what the word solidarity means?

Solidarity, a union of interests or purposes or sympathies among members of a group.  This is nothing more than a another way of siphoning more money from over-taxed citizens.

The Greek people must change their beliefs that Greek politicians are a means to their livelihood and must demand that laws made by politicians to protect themselves must be changed and voted upon by the people and not the politicians.


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