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Germany Terrorizes Countries Leaving the EU

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German Occupation Will Continue Using the EuroGermany's control of European growth through austerity is in its own favor as it controls the majority of business services and factory production.

Every country in the EU has increased VAT taxes to over 20 percent except Germany which is at 19 percent.  This alone has provided more business to Germany especially for countries that are at the 25 percent level through purchases over the Internet.

I know this for a fact because I ordered a piece of equipment that I found was available here in Athens for about 500 Euros excluding the 24% VAT tax.  Additionally, I asked the dealer to provide a quote for shipping which came to 15 Euros, as I did not want to carry the item from the central Athens market to my home.  At the same time, I ventured to the German Amazon site and found the same item for slightly less amount with the VAT tax of 19%.  The shipping from Germany by a known courier service was nine (9) Euros, believe it or not.

Nowadays it has become extremely difficult for anyone in Greece to make purchases from Europe due to the capital controls stopping credit card transactions.

In the Greek newspaper the BHMA, the business section PROGRESS (ANAPTYXH) this past Sunday there was an article about a study of who would lose if any country considers leaving the EU as Britain has done.

Of course Portugal and Greece would be the top contenders if they decide to leave the EU because they would incur losses of around 50% by returning to their original currency.

The least loss would be Germany roughly losing around 5% which shows that once again they have nothing to fear.

All of the above is why the European Union is a failure.  It was started as an economic union to provide global business throughout Europe which was being conducted even before the EU was establish.

Today the markets are in chaos as more and more businesses have migrated into Germany because of lower taxes along with more Europeans who are immigrating there because they can no longer find work in their own countries.

I do not know the origins of the Greek article but I believe that with France now entering the arena of economic downfall, that this article and its analysis was produced in northern Europe.

Here is a glimpse of the chart.

Greece and Greeks already know the economic brutality that I am sure is felt by other southern European countries, so I welcome the rest of Europe to join us soon as misery loves company!


The following is an article on what Europe has done to destroy Greece.

Open Letter to the People of Greece: You Are Being Slaughtered before the World’s Eyes

Another article from the Economist - Leaving the euro would be devilishly difficult

Greek Elections Now Syriza Must Go

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Corruption in the Political Party of SyrizaThe damage to the Greek economy has become intolerable and yet the left wing political party of Syriza continues to deploy fake news that Greece is progressing.

Social media and fake news have become synonymous and it equates to political bullshit regarding the finances of Greece.

Syriza has manipulated the use of money for the immigrant crisis routing it toward municipalities and using the excuse that it is to help immigrants in different areas when in actuality it is targeted for new employee hiring to once again insure votes for jobs.

At the same time, while Greece's debt is currently around 300 billion, Syriza has asked for another loan to allegedly use for the benefit of the Greek market.  It appears to be another ploy to cover up the current lack of funds while they claim that the Greek market is progressing positively toward recovery.

Are the IMF and the EU auditors turning a blind eye toward this?
Why are the IMF and the EU not seeing the misdirection and misuse of funds?

Could it be that they do not want to admit that the political leaders of the EU are also involved in misdirection and misuse of funds through the non-profit organizations that attain Greek volunteers to do their work?

Why doesn't the EU publish how much money they give to NGO's by country so that everyone can see what is really being spent as compared to how the immigrants are living?

Syriza is producing press releases claiming that the government will close the open issues that the IMF and the EU have requested over the years, once again Euclid Tsakalotos the finance minister of Syriza has announced that the issues will be delayed until April 2017, using the excuse of renegotiation, that will force Greeks into more desperation into 2019.
These excuses have caused continuous drawbacks toward the use of capital by business and the lack of investment.

The Hellenic Statistical Authority known as ELSTAT is supposed to provide up-to-date information about the Greek economy but if you look at their website you will see that the dates of the information provided is months outdated as if they don't have modern computing facilities.

Comparing unemployment based upon the number of applicants that claim unemployment is ridiculous because anyone who is not going to receive benefits simply won't go to declare themselves as unemployed.

Why aren't they including an analysis comparing unemployment using income tax returns where individuals claim no income?

Syriza created a new law, as if Greece didn't have enough of them, giving themselves tax exemptions similar to that of previous political parties!  Are there no politicians that are patriots in Greece?

The following image displays the salary of some Greek politicians.
On the left it shows 89,180 Euros plus additional amounts for:
retirement fund
addition for their children
travel expenses
postal expenses
office expenses
Totaling an addition of 7,431.71 Euros
Of which the following are deducted:
Taxes (monthly with yearly total)
a solidarity levy (monthly with yearly total)
Totaling a deduction of 7,978.56 Euros

In other words, they are paying less than 10% of their total yearly salary towards taxation while on the right shows that regular employees with the same salary pay 37,050 Euros in taxes.
That amounts to 4.6 times more than the Greek politicians.

It is time for Syriza to resign!


Greek statistics

The following link is in Greek.

Funds provided by the EU for immigrants