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Greece New Military Junta, Opportunity Lost?

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Greek Veterans make local politicians shiver
Over the years that I have lived in Greece, I have learned that the Greeks dislike the authority of the military and the police and it can be seen on every 17th of November.  I believe that this is a mistake due to the abuse of power by the dictator Colonel Georgios Papadopoulos.

My first trip to Greece was in August 1973 and I was a typical American hippy with long hair and blue jeans.  Entering into Greece just before the junta in September of 1973 was a major wakeup for me as I had never been outside the USA.

Greek politicians make laws that exempt them from punishment thereby putting them above the law, while a recent case involving the sentencing of a priest to prison for involvement in the illegal sale of land in the Mount Athos did not include any of the politicians that were also involved.  Even the legal system in Greece is questionable, 2 judges resigned and declared that their work was interfered with by politicians.

A recent uproar began when a situation occurred at a military school in Greece.  An officer and some military students played a musical tribute that was once used by the junta.  Immediately after, the ministers of Pasok reprimanded the military and had the officer removed and replaced along with others.

News reports insinuated the possibility of a new military regime coming to power at the same time that a new political party comprised of Greek military veterans emerged.  The Greek military veterans named their political party, the Association of National Unity, and it appears that the Greek politicians consider it a threat or competition.

The fact is that the majority of the people of Greece are fed up with the mismanagement of the country and the Association of National Unity concurs with the people by saying that “the country is governed by the actions and omissions of the political establishment.”

While I understand and respect the feelings that the Greeks have toward the idea of a junta ruling Greece, I have to ask a question.  Can a military government reform a country without the threat of becoming a dictatorship?

Many people either do not know or have forgotten that the United States began under military rule by George Washington.  Back then, George Washington took control over the 13 colonies to bring order and unity that made the USA into a great nation.

If the Greeks really believe that they have democracy, then why do they continue to vote for the same corrupt political parties?

Given the new choice of the Association of National Unity are there any other real alternatives to Pasok and New Democracy?

A news report about the new political party of Greek military veterans

Prosecutors claim interference by politicians

A dictator of Greece, Georgios Papadopoulos

Philipp Hildebrand deserves the support of the people

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Basel rules may help reduce corruptionHere is a person that I have read about lately, and hope that he is sincere in his latest efforts to help restrain the banking industry.

In an effort to give credit where it is due, I think that this is a banker with the foresight to see that the banking industry is a major parameter in the role of the economic crisis and his ideas can help lasso an economy out of control.

Like many underdogs, you can always tell when someone stands out in the crowd.

They don’t have to wear anything unusual because it is the people around them that give them away.  The bankers have become a consortium over the years and now they possess not only large bonuses in addition to their salaries but they are a threat to the world markets.
In the case of Philipp Hildebrand, the bankers are now hoping that Mr. Hildebrand will royally flop while creating measures to insure that the Swiss Franc remains safe so that they can be rid of him or they may have to find other ways of having him removed from his position because of the threat that he has become to their financial lifestyle.

According to the Swiss newspaper Der Sonntag, an unnamed high-ranking banker was quoted as saying “He’ll never find another job in Switzerland” referring to Mr. Hildebrand in 2010.

While I have completed several consulting projects for different banks, I consider my opinion to be objective based on my knowledge of the banking industry.

In view of my own opinions about the banking sector, I think that Mr. Philipp Hildebrand, President of the Swiss central bank, deserves the support of the people.

Hildebrand Says Swiss National Bank Ready to Act to Counter Deflation Risk

A Fight to Make Banks More Prudent

Greek Politicians Show No Mercy to Handicapped and Disabled

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The meek will inherit the earth is the motto of Greek politicians

Cutting public worker salaries is a necessity as is dehiring them but reducing and eliminating funding for those who are disabled and handicapped is unethical.

Some teachers that I know work with special or handicapped children.  They recently told me that the government has decided to cut all funding to the facilities of these less fortunate members of society.

I decided to hold off writting about this until today because one of Greece's newspapers has verified it.

The politicians of Greece are ruthless scum of the earth.
Recently they decided to squabble over funds that they insist they are due in the form of bonuses in the amount of 530 million Euros while at the same time they are reducing the salaries of public and private workers and retirees with every chance that they can.

MPs claimed about 530 million

In one of Greece’s newspapers “H Bradini (The Nightly)”, the bold headlines read “Cut 60,000 Handicapped from the public and private sector” and the story says that the Greek politicians are using the excuse of Troika to cut costs by removing the handicapped from their jobs and reducing their disability and retirement instead of removing other workers who are in the guidelines of age and near retirement.

The tactic of the Greek politicians is comparable to that of the ancient Spartans throwing the less fortunate to their death in their effort to reduce the country’s costs.

Troika should audit the finances of every Greek politician from the last 30 years.  I’m sure that they will find an enormous amount of hidden treasure that would probably save Greece!

Banking Disunity or Intentional Disorganization

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Beware of false marketing by banks

Silly me, I thought that the banks were global institutions but I found out today that although someone can receive a check to be paid in Euros from Citibank Ireland they cannot cash the check at a Citibank in another country.  Is this international banking?

This is a prime example of disorganized banking operations that contributes to the bureaucracy of banking service problems and unwarranted increases in service charges.

Why is it that banks are allowed the privilege of extreme profit margins that are causing society so much grief?

Banks decide what they charge as interest on the loans made to you and they are usually at extremely high rates compared to the interest that you earn from the money that you deposit in their banks.

The vagueness that banks are masking their service with not only for checks between banks or countries but even with wire transfers.  Anyone that sends an email to anyone around the world knows that it takes less than 10 seconds to complete the digital transfer.
So why is it that we have to wait for ridiculous value date that still exists along with an unbelievable number of fees?

Why don’t governments simply set a maximum profit margin of two (2) percent on banks, yes that’s right,  because there is no reason that bank should be earning any more than that.

Historically, banks earned money by using your money as loans.
Therefore, taking into consideration that there are three parties to a financial transaction:
The bank, the depositor, and the borrower, and the financial aspect of the agreed interest rate for depositors, and the interest rate for borrowers, the difference between the depositor’s interest and the borrower’s interest could be 5 percent with a profit of 2% for the bank.  The 2% is generous considering the number of loan transactions that banks average.

Banks are abusing their power asking for bailouts because they are risking our money for loans that they are greedily and unnecessarily giving money to people and businesses that are higher risks than should be allowed.  They should not be risking our money and then demanding that the government saves them by taxing us more.

Banks are charging everyone and for everything these days in their product portfolios of checking, credit cards, loans, and are now considering charging us for the security of storing our money along with fees for processing, lawyers, and even engineers when the loan is for buying a house.

Demand an action by your government officials to stop the abuse now caused by over profiting of banks and excessive bonuses that banking management is earning using our money.

"There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation.
One is by the sword.. The other is by debt."
John Adams, 1826

Here are just a few of the thousands of links that provide a glimpse about banking fee abuse.

Pew group find more than 54 banking fees

ACS charged unemployed $1.12 million in fees

Debit Fees on Unemployment Benefits

Bank payment clearing now eliminates cash floating

Forbidden Child Pornography and Sex

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Child Pornography flourishes in America
The preoccupation of adults with child pornography committed by children these days is as ridiculous as looking at a copy of Playboy during the days of my own childhood.

Studies are being done wasting countless amounts of money to determine if children are future perverts or pedophiles, children are being arrested because they happen to have a “semi-naked” or naked picture of a classmate on their cell phone.
How American it is to immediately create criminals from the sex industry while America happens to be a world leader in the sales of pornographic materials.

I remember going to Cape Cod and lying on a beach while another couple with their children nearby enjoying the sea.  One of their children was a toddler and the couple allowed it to play without clothes.  While the child played on the beach, an elderly couple walking above on the board walk peered over the rail and began shouting to the parents to put clothing on their child because it was revolting to them.

We are now living in the year 2011 and Americans are wasting the time and money with ridiculous accusations that are reminiscent of living in the dark ages with regards to sex.

Isn’t it time that Americans grow up and accept that what children do today is nothing more than an extension of what many of us did when we were young with the technology that we had.  I’m sure that there are many who used their parents Polaroid camera that produced instant pictures to do something similar and many of them are parents of the same children that are being scared for life by ridiculous sexting scandals.

Stop living in a retarded world people.  Children are not perverts or pedophiles!

An article from the NYT

Sending of Sexual Images by Minors Isn’t as Prevalent as Expected, Study Finds

"Amanda Lenhart, a senior research specialist at the Pew Research Center in Washington, noted that the report’s findings dovetailed with Pew research released last month. In that study, which involved 800 minors between 12 and 17, only 2 percent said they had sent nude or almost nude pictures to someone they knew. In contrast, the center found that 17 percent of adults between 18 and 29 had sent sexually suggestive pictures, and that 5 percent of 30- to 49-year-olds admitted sending them."