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Who says that the Greeks do not pay taxes?

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Greeks pay the price while Germany destroys the European Union

While many criticize the Greek people as being tax cheats, I commend them on how they have managed to outsmart the governments of Greece over the past 30 years.

Many foreigners and news reporters claim as if they know that Greeks do not pay taxes while not looking at the number and amounts of taxes that the government charges.
I hate to say it but if someone says that this is so then they have been comparing apples to oranges.

The fact is that taxation in Greece but also throughout Europe has remained similar to what amounts to a multitude of smaller taxes levied upon the people.

Summary of taxation for the year ending 2011
Yearly, Income tax based on an average income of 20,000 Euros, 125 Euros
Yearly, Road tax based on 1600 cc engine size, 265 Euros
Yearly, Social Responsibility or Solidarity tax based on income, 450 Euros
Yearly, Special tax on Supplemental Retirement, based on income, 200 Euros
Yearly, Special tax on Retirees younger than 60, based on income, 100 Euros
Bi-monthly Special tax on the electric bill KW hours by .00195, averaging 5 Euros
Bi-monthly Local City tax, on electric bill by sq. meters of living space, averaging 50 Euros
Bi-monthly Television tax, on electric bill by sq. meters of living space, averaging 17 Euros
Monthly, Apartment Rental tax based on stamp tax, 3.6% based on rent
Daily, Sales tax, currently 23%, including food taxed at 11%
Note: many of the special taxes are a percentage by monthly income.

With the exception of the Solidarity tax, the Special taxes on Retirement, and the Bi-monthly Special tax all of the others have been effective over the last 30 years that I have lived here.

This does not include the multitude of taxes paid by business owners that have had to pay kick-back to the government through the tax agents over the years or face the threat of being shut down.

The difference now is that 80% of small and medium businesses are now closed down meaning that the government will suck the money out of the blood of those who still have a job and the retirees.

Why the Greek government impedes the competition of Greek businesses
Wage earners pay 16% towards social security taxes while employers pay 28% towards social security taxes, totaling 44% towards social security.

Manufacturing taxes at time of production, e.g. medicinal alcohol is charged different taxes during production and then sales taxes are added.

They also charge businesses with a so called Assessed tax that is calculated without any physical proof of audit basically a number that is magically conjured up by the tax agent and which can be anywhere from 500 to 1,000,000 Euros based on “how they how they like your face or the size of your business” as is said.

Apart from the facts that Greeks DO PAY TAXES, they have never received the services that they should in reciprocation from any of the governments to date.

What’s worse is that the taxes that we are currently paying to hopefully save the country may in fact become a worthless effort if the country formally declares bankruptcy.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

The Disgrace of the Greek Nation

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To disgusting low life people without an understanding of heritage

Today is a very sad day in the history of Greece.  A nation that is literally the foundation of society for every nation around the world, the creator of democracy leading to the rights of individuals, and the beginning of philosophy to say the least about a country, that no other country in the world can proclaim.

Today, the country of Greece is ridiculed, embarrassed, and disgraced not only by their politicians but by ignorant people around the world who think nothing more than the materiality of their lives as the currency that is in their pocket.

I came across a website today that is being visited by Europeans marking property claims in Greece and Italy.  The website boasts “Claim your piece of Greece, European Tax Payers, you paid for it! Claim your piece before somebody else does!”
To the demeaning foreigners, and especially the Greeks, who have placed flags not only in Greece but in Italy you are the worse kind of example of the human race.

The people of Greece know that their politicians are the failure of their nation but that does not give anyone especially Europeans the right to say that they own Greece because they have paid even one euro to help Greece.

The lack of people without values in today's societies is disgusting and outrageous.

If royalties based on the usage of findings made by ancient Greeks were to be paid to the Greek people, Greece would be the richest country in the world forever.

If it were not for Greece, there would be no Europe!

Misinterpreting Greek Democracy

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Democracy metamorphoses into blackmail

“Actual citizens getting to make decisions about their future instead of allowing technocrats and bankers to do it for them.” A comment from another reader of the NY Times.

Thinking that Prime Minister Papandreou is a statesman is a false interpretation of why he made his decision to put a referendum to the vote of the people after the fact.

In truth, the referendum is now looked upon favorably by EU members because Greece will be giving them the means to an end for either Greece’s participation in the Euro and/or the Euro zone itself.

In a discussion about how to interpret this referendum with other Americans, that being politically shrewd is the same as political blackmail, I supported the conclusion that no politician has the right to blackmail voters.

The latest news about Papandreou in my opinion is that he has decided to throw in the towel and give up.

Why do I say this?
He created the referendum to ask the Greek people to vote on whether or not they want to have and continue with the IMF and the EU loan backings.  This referendum is anti-democratic.  He is asking the question after the fact and either answer can lead to the bankruptcy of Greece.

If the people vote no then the country will officially become bankrupt.  If they vote yes, Papandreou already knows that he cannot achieve his proclaimed goals and therefore the country will go bankrupt.

So what's the difference?
Like any political action, assuming that he terrifies the people into voting yes, then when failure comes he will simply put the blame on the people.  In the event that they vote no, then once again he will simply put the blame on the people because then he would not continue his negotiations.

The real crutch of the Euro zone, the fact that it never initiated a way to cancel EU membership.  Funny enough, when the great EU plan was created, no one ever thought about having a way to kick another country out of the club.  No member can be legally kicked out and even if a member wants out, it must be agreed upon by all members.

The recent expression of joy by Sarkozy and Merkel appear to be a godsend provided by Papandreou with a way to expel Greece not only from the Euro but from the Euro zone completely.

My opinion is that Papandreou is a failure and wants out, and everyone here is trying to get him out before he brings the country and the rest of the western world into another crash.