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Contagious a movie of our times or only fantasy

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Is virus warfare is becoming more common?I love the movies but when the movies start to become part of reality then we all have to make an effort to force governments and companies to doing something about it.

It was mad cow disease, bird flu virus, now a new virus has appeared that is currently affecting salmon in Canada, the USA, in Scandinavia, and probably Russia.

While research is being conducted will we see the virus mutate and affect other sea life?

Shipping garbage that might or might not be dangerous to other countries doesn’t mean that you won’t be affected.  It is what we do not see happening to our planet that will strike against us at sometime.

Pollution is one of our greatest enemies today that may affect all of us now and in the future.

Contagion Trailer 2011 HD

Nature's reaction can be more violent than humans.


Stop the Keystone XL

Robert Redford urges President Obama to oppose the Keystone XL pipeline, which would deliver crude oil from Canada through the American heartland to refineries on the Gulf Coast of Texas.

Petition the government to stop this from happening before another oil disaster strikes.

Help stop the possibility of more pollution today.  You just might save your own food supply.

Global Economics Now Seeing the Glass Half Full

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Not all the indignant 99% are lazy

Contrary to what is a positive outlook toward the psyche of business, the number of countries that are participating in strikes and rebellion against the rich and corporate world of western countries is a message that should not be taken lightly by world leaders.

Other than Western countries, Middle East countries, protests are starting in Asian countries even though they produce the majority of products or they are under stricter government controls.

The main scene that I have noticed especially in Europe is the photo shoot that every group appears to accomplish at the end of their meetings.
If they don’t start leading soon, they will probably find themselves lined up for a different kind of shooting.

Now we have three classes or groups that make up the economies of the world, the 53%, the 99%, and the 1%.

The 53 percent group is admirable for its efforts to show that they are working and attempt to justify the economic situation as if the majority of the 99 percent do not want to work.

These may also be the people who because they are working view the economy through rose colored glasses.  People who view the majority as “Those of us who pay for those of you who whine about all of that... or that... or whatever” should re-examine the situation because there are only two choices in logic, that which is true or false, no in between.  You may soon find yourselves among the 99 percent, think about it.

The 99 percent are (in my opinion) those struggling to keep afloat due to the imbalanced nature of the economy that has resulted from financial abuses of Wall Street players along with the loss of factory and services work now produced in China and India.  The major loss of income is in my opinion due to the failure of the past governments to stop the abuse.
The sick and elderly along with those who wanted to work should not be punished by the system.

Those belonging to the 99 percent that have abused the system financially by purchasing homes with a minimum down payment and higher interest, bankruptcy due to over extended their credit card usage, welfare, food stamps, and not working hard enough should not justify themselves among this class.
I think that these people should have started the 45% group and declare that they understand their failure but want to work to correct it.

As for the 1 percent, I respect that they believe that it is their right to make abnormally high profits from outsourced labor but if they want to continue their way of life in the progressive countries where they now live, then they must consider the outcome of a world crashing while they enjoy themselves.

The 99% are also known in many countries as indignant, aganaktismeni, indigniert, indigné, indignato, indignado.


Where do I stand?  Normally I would be in the 53% but unfortunately I am now a member of the 99%.
I have worked since I was nine years of age (with my father) and I know that I will never be considered rich but I refuse to give up my dignity!

It might be time to change the phrase "God bless America! to "God help America!"

Latest news regarding the sit in to occupy Wall Street

Political thieves continue their assault taxing the innocent majority

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Greek political parties are destroying the country

The current Greek government in their attempt to protect their own livelihood is forcing the economic destruction of people of Greece.

They have failed to incarcerate those the responsible political party members, the major tax evaders, and now they are imposing numerous “emergency” taxes upon the same people that cannot avoid taxation, the private sector on payroll and the retirees.

I often read the comments that are written in the New York Times and other foreign news papers by people and am saddened by the stupidity of the people that are misinformed and uneducated as to the truth about the lifestyle in Greece and in their own countries for that matter.

Between this year and next year, the Greek government will have imposed over 10 new major taxes and reduce tax deductions that will absorb over 6,000 euros from every taxpayer.  These taxes are above and beyond the taxes that are charged yearly.

A taxpayer in Greece is any person or entity that owns a car or property or receives a paycheck or retirement.  In contrast, many of the elite that own companies in Greece do evade paying taxes and that is because Greek auditors are subject to the whims of the political system that protect the elite.

Taxes for 2011 include:

  • A special guarantee tax varying from 200 to 600 euros
  • An increased road tax on cars
  • Vat tax increased from 11% to 13% and then again increased from 19% to 23%
  • Commercial and residential property tax based on the total property size and area valuation with a multiplier of 0.50 to 20.00 euros
  • Taxable income will be based on 12,000 euros as minimum income
  • Income tax with deductibles reduced from 12,000 to 5,000 euros

Taxes for 2012 include:

  • A new real estate tax that will range from 500 euros and up depending on the size and area value of land and property assets owned whether you live in Greece or not
  • An emergency tax on employees and retirees ranging from 300 to 500 euros
  • Taxable income will be based on 5,000 euros from 12,000 as minimum income
  • Income tax deductibles reduced to zero (0)

Current taxation laws include:

  • Taxation of rental income without deductions for maintenance is 40%

Many of the newly inspired taxes will be billed through the electric bills thereby forcing the people to pay or have their electricity cut.

All the while that this is happening, Europe has found that there are over 2 billion euros deposited in Swiss banks that belong to the infamous Greek tax evaders.  The number of businesses in Greece that have closed is a record high along with unemployment.

A Minister that once declared, that a list with over 3,000 names of tax evaders now says that no such list exists.  There is no end to the insult that the government’s political failure in logic when at a time where money has evaporated to pay city workers for garbage collection they now announced that they will pay private companies to do the same work.

It is interesting to see the comparison between the issue of dictators in other countries and how governments react but when the issue is that of financial dictatorship, everyone places the blame on the people of a country that cannot change its future without the possibility of a revolution.

Even some of the ministers actions are being censured!

Pasok MP announces “I can't be part of a parliament in which I cannot make a decision.”